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Utah Jazz end of season Jam Sessions Part 5: Getting drained

I asked the guys and gals some questions. You'll get a new one each day. Enjoy.

Ronald Martinez

We love Jam sessions here at SLC Dunk. It makes sense as we're the Utah Jazz, the only music related team in the league (unless you think Thunder is music). So for the end of this season I asked the crew seven questions. You'll get a new one each day all week long. Hope you enjoy these.


#5: Was there something that just drained you as the season went along?

Basketball John: (No comment)

Peter J Novak:The lack of chemistry minutes played by Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. While they all had much bigger roles then they have ever had in their careers, it is comical how little on court time they've actually shared together. By the end of the year it is likely the total sum of their minutes adds up to 96 minutes or less, i.e. 2 out of 82 games. I've had a hard time understanding why the 5 guys that Greg Miller identified as the future of the franchise have been utilized so little on the court together.

Clark: It has only drained me for the last month or so, but having to root for the Jazz to lose has been awful. I tweeted out about a month ago that I wasn't actively rooting for Jazz losses, but that I was enjoying the added incentives of losing after the losses happened. Well at some point, I started (secretly) hoping that the Jazz would lose games to improve their odds of getting a good draft pick. It is the NBA climate we live in, but feeling so conflicted about the team winning or losing has been no fun whatsoever. I understand the players feeling that they want to win. But they have to understand how we feel too. And if it makes it any better (it doesn't), it is hard for myself to be so pumped about losses. Sorry, Trey.

TazzJazzFan: The seeming inability of the coaching staff to react to both in-game situations, and bigger picture issues. We saw a man coaching to save his own neck and try and grind out an extension, whereas if he coached to improve the players there is a fair chance we could have seen enough improvement to give the coaching staff a fair chance at a new contract.

Moni: The lack of getting better on either end of the court and the same sound bytes loss after loss.

YuccaMan: The stuff the coaches say. This peaked when Sidney Lowe said the Jazz struggled against NY because they’re not used to playing with a small lineup … yes, after playing Marvdawg at PF for the majority of the year. There’s nowhere to go but Shangri-La after that.

Spencer Campbell: I am a realist and had them winning 33 games. This was too many obviously, but I was prepared for negativity, I was prepared for frustration, I was not prepared for the all out ridiculous online childlike bullying. Although, I knew that this season would bring out the worst in people. I was unprepared for some of the things that transpired.

Prodigal Punk: As mentioned before, the blowout losses. Especially as the season has wound down, and with all of the posturing by players about being insulted by fans cheering for losses, they haven't really shown the effort on the court to back up those words. Oh, and entirely too much Richard Jefferson. I think Jefferson has actually been great this year, and by all accounts he's a great teammate and a good influence on the young players. However, that doesn't mean he's a better player than Alec Burks. Yes there is the common philosophy that the Jazz have benefited from Burks' scoring punch off the bench, but the same argument could be made for Jefferson playing that role.

AllThatAmar: I was not crazy about the game broadcasts. In an era where I have the choice to listen to the home or road team, I still always picked ROOT sports' crew of Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring. Sometimes they were on point, but for the second half the of the season it seems like they were specifically on script. They would stop talking about the actual game in order to make sure to hit all their talking points for each quarter. It drained me. Other crews for other teams (I don't just watch Jazz games) were either more impartial, better informed, communicated better, understand and incorporated things like eFG% and other "advanced stats" correctly, and did so without sounding creepy. I miss Hot Rod and Ron Boone. But I guess even their time has passed.

And don't even get me started on Steve Brown.


What there something that drained you all season long? Sound off below!