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The Downbeat #1326 - The Final Countdown Edition

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just two games remaining in this brutal season. Really, it all comes down to tonight's game against the formidable Los Angeles Lakers. There will likely be many Lakers fans at Energy Solutions Arena tonight to see the star-studded team in purple and yellow. With the Lakers bringing in such formidable talent, it will be no surprise if the flailing Jazz fall behind early, and are never really able to recover.

Apologies, but it has been too draining of a season to take a moral high ground now. No, I will not cheer or the Jazz to lose, but I will be okay with the outcome if they do. The whole "losing culture idea" has absolutely no basis in situations like this. A losing culture is created from the top down, when an organization exists solely for the purpose of growing the owner's bank account. An example of this is the L.A. Clippers for nearly the entirety of it's existence (The exception being since they drafted Blake Griffin and Donald Sterling must have had some sort of life altering experience).

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This article came from Gordon Monson, just before the F5 started their second game together.

And, wonder of wonders: they even got to start together in the team’s 79th game on Friday night against Portland. (That bright initiative should have been launched from the get-go. Why it wasn’t, only Ty Corbin can say.)


Some important offseason dates:

April 27 -- NBA Draft Early Entry Eligibility Deadline (We should hear from Jabari by midweek)

May 20 -- 2014 NBA Draft Lottery

June 16 -- NBA Draft Early Entry Withdrawal Deadline (5 p.m. ET)

June 26 -- 2014 NBA Draft

The burning question at this point is: Who do the Jazz send to represent them at the lottery?

One Jazz fan has a dream:

It's the final countdown.

I'm tanking this Downbeat because I have final projects due very soon.