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Utah Jazz end of season Jam Sessions Part 6: Predictions and Revisions

I asked the guys and gals some questions. You'll get a new one each day. Enjoy.

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We love Jam sessions here at SLC Dunk. It makes sense as we're the Utah Jazz, the only music related team in the league (unless you think Thunder is music). So for the end of this season I asked the crew seven questions. You'll get a new one each day all week long. Hope you enjoy these.


#6: Do you remember your preseason prediction for this team? If so, what did you think would happen actually happened? What didn’t go so right?

Basketball John: I thought they would be between 30-35 wins. They may have got there had it not been for Trey Burke's injury to start the season. I thought Hayward would have developed more along with Favors. I believe Favors has been better and Hayward has been about the same or even regressed a bit. Hayward has historically had a second-half surge and it just hasn't come this season.

Peter J Novak: I predicted the team would finish with 35 wins and the 8th worst record in the league. I clearly underestimated the number of teams tanking this year as 35 wins is closer to the middle than it is 8th worst. Finishing at 25 wins is a disappointment as our 3rd and 4th year veterans have not been able to perform at levels we should expect at this point of their careers.

Clark: I remember it like it was 5 months ago. I thought they would win 35 games and be the 8th worst team in the league. I wrote it down. I have no shame admitting I was wrong. I expected most of the offensive struggles, but I thought the Jazz would be 20th-25th in defense. I either overestimated our players, underestimated our coaches inability to coach a defense, or a little of both.

TazzJazzFan: Heart said 40 wins, head said 30 wins. I thought Corbin would coach differently than he has done, especially with Coach Sloan back in the fold.

Moni: I didn't make one. It can be fun to read other people's predictions but I personally don't see any point in it.

YuccaMan: I predicted 35 wins. There are two things that made this not happen: (1) Trey’s early injury and (2) the defense. You can’t win 35 games if the only team defending worse than you is the Bucks.

Spencer Campbell: I was disappointed in Hayward's drop off, and also the lack of real jump from Favors and Kanter. They did get better, but I thought it would have a more immediate impact and show up earlier in the season than it did.

Prodigal Punk: I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. Again, it wasn't so much the record as how they competed that mattered. At the beginning of the season I was talking to a friend that is a fairly informed fan (read's this site, listens to Locke's podcasts, etc.) and he was sure the Jazz were going to compete for the playoffs. I told him he was nuts and put out my hand for a $100 bet, without blinking an eye. My hope was that by the end of the year, they would look much improved and have some momentum going into next year. Some of it has been an absolutely brutal March schedule, but they all look completely beaten down/ bordering on demoralized.

AllThatAmar: Well, I thought the Jazz would only win 21 games this year, so this team has, on the idea of wins and losses, surpassed my expectations. The team has 24 wins right now with two games remaining. Of course, the Jazz had a buzzer beating win against the Orlando Magic, a crazy win against the Oklahoma City Thunder where Gordon Hayward became Teen Wolf, and a great victory against the Miami Heat. If we didn't win those three games we're at 21 wins. And Amar is right. But my win prediction was really low I didn't even tell the general public about it because they hate me already. I'm surprised at how we've won some games, and surprised at how we've lost. But over all, this Jazz team has won more games than I thought they did. So my hat is off to them, and head coach Tyrone Corbin.


Do you remember your pre-season prediction? Were you right? Were you wrong? Sound off below!