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Duke forward Jabari Parker may be staying in school after all

But we knew this, right?

Jonathan Daniel

The good news is that I love blogging about the Utah Jazz. The bad news is that you guys and gals are going to have to deal with it. The "I dunno if this is good or bad news" is that Duke forward Jabari Parker has not yet made a public decision on if he is staying on school or not. As a guy who was wait-listed at Duke, I wouldn't leave early either. But hey, money is money.

Matthew Geagan, of CBS Boston, reports that Jabari Parker is considering staying in school. A large part of the evidence seems to be hear-say right now, but ESPN's Chad Ford had more things to say about it:

"...according to ESPN’s Chad Ford, Parker and Embiid are both weighing their options, and considering going back to school for another year (start that breathing thing again, Celtics fans).

"With Parker, so much so that several scouts are claiming he’s coming back to school," Ford said in a recent online NBA chat. "But I think that’s premature."

College players have until April 27 to declare for the NBA draft. Ford would understand Embiid’s potential return to the Jayhawks, given the unknown surrounding his back injury and the season or two he’ll likely need to adapt to the NBA game, but he says Parker could be an NBA starter immediately.

"Parker is really NBA ready. He could obviously improve if he stayed, but he’s a NBA starter from Day One," said Ford. "He’ll get minutes and playing against the best competition is the best way to improve. The only good reason for him to stay is because he loves college, wants to lead Duke to a NCAA Championship and is OK just waiting. But as far as development goes, the NBA is his best option."

"I think both will probably declare at the end of the day, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they stayed either," said Ford.

-Geagan, M. (2014, April 2), CBS Boston

If Jabari does not declare, and the Jazz don't get a Top 5 pick -- then the one thing available to salvage this Utah Jazz season (team doesn't win, youth doesn't play together and step up) -- the ability to pick up a generational talent in the draft -- cannot happen. And then the Franchise goes 0 / 3 in this "development & discovery" year.

That's just the way I look at it. Jabari staying in the draft serves my best interests. But Jabari staying in school probably helps him more.