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The Downbeat #1335: Trusting the Brain Trust

The Downbeat #1335: Trusting the Brain Trust

@travishansen24 A fellow MVHS Bruin alum, former UVU/BYU standout, and retired NBA/Euro player gives his thoughts on coach Messina. Courtesy of KSLSPORTS Youtube.

This isn't enough to hire a guy on, but it's enough to explain why we are taking a european road trip to look at him.

Five reasons a coach would choose the Utah Jazz | The Salt Lake Tribune

There only are 30 of these jobs in the world, so that’s a draw. But when the Utah Jazz try to sell themselves to a potential coaching candidate, chances are they’ll try a different pitch. ...

What five reasons/ positives should we market to potential coaches.

On the flipside, what five things are on your must have list if you are a coach looking for a new job.

.The Shot Doctor " This a fascinating read ,that actually quantifies and breaks down the positive results of a "Shot Doctor".  The Jazz have been in need of a shot doctor since Jeff Hornacek left. Which begs the question, out of the 20+ candidates that the Jazz will be speaking with, which ones could possible help improve the Jazz shooting. Or is there a veteran free agent (Ray Allen) that could bring his abilities to the team and be a player coach of the bench.

So, if Engelland can have this dramatic of an impact upon his charges’ shooting ability, how much is he worth to the Spurs? It’s impossible to come up with an exact figure, but let’s throw an estimate out there based upon his work with Belinelli. Before the season, ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton’s SCHOENE projection system used Belinelli’s prior performance to suggest that he would hit 44.0 percent of his 2-pointers and 39.4 percent of his 3s. Belinelli instead shot 52.5 percent from 2 and 43.0 percent from 3.

Utah Jazz to interview 20-plus candidates for coaching vacancy — but not quite yet | Deseret News Jody of Course

"It will be an exhaustive search. We'll be expeditious, though," Rigby said Wednesday during an interview on The Zone Sports Network. "But we'll be sensitive to taking the necessary time, so that we get it right and it will be the right selection for the Utah Jazz."

I trust the collective experience of the front office to make the right/best decision possible. The important thing to remember is that this is a brain trust making a decision that it is not one individual person as stated my Rigby.

"I hear many people say, 'This is Dennis Lindsey's decision.' No, it's not," Rigby said. "Dennis is going to be a key player in this decision and is going to help formulate our strategy. But he is very inclusive of our team, and it's worked very well for us in the past to make sure that everyone has a vote and a say and we're all of one mind when we come out of the room."

I would assume that you have ten plus people giving the okay on this hire. If you are the Jazz do you consult with your players on the new hire or no? I am also all in on the next coach, no matter who it is. I trust the front office enough to know that if things don't work out, they will find someone who will.

2014 NBA playoffs -- Frank Vogel of Indiana Pacers coaching for job - ESPN

One playoff win has not eased the mounting pressure on Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel. I think Vogel is a good coach, and I think he has good players.I think the midseason trade that Larry Bird made may be his demise. He may be fine and continue to be the coach of the Pacers beyond this year, however if he does get let go (assuming the Pacers make and early exit from the playoffs) the Jazz should take a long hard look at him. What say ye?