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NBA Playoffs 2014: Can the upstarts capitalize on the series shifting to their homes?

There be games today.

Kevin C. Cox

The NBA Playoffs 2014 continue with three more games. Some of you may be watching these games. They will be fine. The big question is that all three of the "higher seed teams" playing tonight surrendered a home game to the opposition. As each series is 1-1 here the 'upstarts' have a chance to put the pressure on by winning at home. Game 3 is one of the biggest games in the series because it helps identify which team is making more adjustments. And statistically the team that wins this game usually wins the series.

Who is playing tonight?

Game 1: Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks (5:00 pm MT, NBA TV)
Game 2: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies (6:00 am MT, TNT)
Game 3: Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors (9:30 am MT, TNT)

Who is playing tonight? Paul Millsap (ATL), Kyle Korver (ATL), DeMarre Carroll (ATL), Kosta Koufos (MEM), and some Derek Liar guy (OKC).