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NBA Draft 2014: Who is most likely to fall?

A quick question

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

So the NBA Draft is approaching slowly, giving people plenty of time to over-analyze what's happening. It is statistically unlikely that the Utah Jazz will be drafting Top 3, while the universe does tend towards the Jazz drafting in the Top 5. That's good. That's something most Jazz fans expected for this season. Anyway, most Jazz fans expected this to be a three person draft as well. But as the season has gone on this draft has looked to be a little deeper than previously thought. Yet, players and drafting teams still want to be Top 3.

So, you see there's an inherent sense of competition here.

And the situation begs to be resolved; who is most likely to drop out of the Top 3?

  • Andrew Wiggins (Kansas, 6'8, 200, SG) -- Upside is unmatched in this draft class
  • Jabari Parker (Duke, 6'8, 241, SG) -- a Go-To-Guy on offense who is ready to score right now
  • Dante Exum (Australia, 6'6, 188, PG) -- Mystery surrounds this super tall, athletic, point guard
  • Joel Embiid (Kansas, 7'0, 250, C) -- Legit 7'0 defensive presence, with a questionable bill of health, but still, Embiid is so Embiig.