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NBA Playoffs 2014: Al Jefferson playoff home game thread, and other games!

There be games today.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Playoffs 2014 continue with four more games. The Atlanta Hawks will host the Indiana Pacers in Game 4 action. The Hawks hold a 2-1 lead, and the Pacers can come back and re-claim home court advantage with a win. The San Antonio Spurs will be visiting the Dallas Mavericks in a 1-1 tied series. Dallas' home crowd is going to have to compete against a focus Spurs who lost home court with a Game 2 blowout loss. The Miami Heat will visit the Charlotte Bobcats and Al Jefferson. Big Al is playing hurt, and if his team mates had the heart he is showing then the game wouldn't be in question. In the last game of the night we will have the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Memphis Grizzlies looking for every advantage they can get. The Grizz actually LEAD this series 2-1.

Game threes are big, but game fours aren't anything to pass over.

Anyway . . . when and where can you watch these games?

Game 1: Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks (12:00 pm MT, TNT)
Game 2: San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks (2:30 pm MT, TNT)
Game 3: Miami Heat @ Charlotte Bobcats (5:00 pm MT, ESPN)
Game 4: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies (7:30 pm MT, ESPN)

Who is playing tonight? Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll (Atlanta); Devin Harris (Dallas); Al Jefferson (Charlotte); Derek Fisher (Oklahoma City); Kosta Koufos (Memphis).