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The Downbeat #1338 - The No News Edition

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As was expected, there is absolutely zero news on the Jazz. This period right after the end of the season is THE WORST for fans. It is rivaled only by that loooooong lull after Summer League and the start of training camp.

At this point, the only things being written about the Jazz are draft speculation pieces or coaching speculation pieces. Both are fun, but some real news would be nice. In the meantime, here's this piece from everyone's favorite @tribjazz (Aaron Falk) on [allegedly] Jazz head coach candidate Ettore Messina

Messina, a 54-year-old Italian, is a basketball coaching legend and, after a career that has included bringing championships to teams in Italy, Spain and Russia, a perennial favorite to become the first foreign-born coach to lead an NBA franchise.

Not to be outdone, Gordon Monson stepped in with his dream coaching hire for the Jazz:

He was perhaps the headiest player of his generation, making up for his modest dimensions with acumen, anticipation and all-around savvy. He’s not a case of a former superstar blessed with such unique physical gifts that when he attempts to coach lesser beings he cannot relate to their shortcomings.

Any guess who he's referring to?

These playoffs have held some of the best first round matchups in the history of the league. There are currently 4 series tied at 2-2, one at 2-1, and only one is going to be a sweep. Between the Mem/OKC and PDX/Hou series they have played eight games, and six of them have gone to OT.

We've some surprise players have a major impact on the game: Troy Daniels, Draymond Green

Some series that have upset potential: Grizzlies/ Thunder, Spurs/ Mavs, Pacers/ Hawks

And lastly, some ex-Jazzmen playing really well, to cheer for: Big Al, Millsap, Korver, Wes Matthews

After the draft, the Jazz will have some major choices to make in July. If the potential is there for the Jazz to add a solid veteran to the team, you have to believe that they are going to take it (think the Wizards with the Gortat trade and Nene trade). They will want to find some guys that are worthy of multi-year contracts to play alongside the young players and give the team the chance to improve together.

Along with that, there are also young players, coming off their rookie contract, that will be looking for a payday that is outside of their current team's limits (Lance Stephenson comes to mind, so does Evan Turner- to an extent. The Pacers will have to choose between them).

There are also guys that are decent rotation players that might fit the Jazz's longterm plans, even if as a backup. This means SOLID rotation players the Jazz are willing to invest in longterm. We've all probably had our fill of the one year contract, see if you still belong in the league guys (basically every veteran signing in the last 4 years).

Then there is the stars that will come available: Dirk (Not going anywhere), Melo (ugh), Possibly all of the Big Three in Miami.

Finally, there is always the chance that the Jazz pull the trigger on a trade for an unhappy superstar or a team that is ready to blow it all up. If this happens, you can bet that one of the F5 will be included, as well as (possibly) any of the draft picks from this year. If this happens, who are you most willing to give up in a trade that will make the Jazz significantly better?