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Utah Jazz end of season Jam Sessions Part 1: Falling in love

I asked the guys and gals some questions. You'll get a new one each day. Enjoy.

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We love Jam sessions here at SLC Dunk. It makes sense as we're the Utah Jazz, the only music related team in the league (unless you think Thunder is music). So for the end of this season I asked the crew seven questions. You'll get a new one each day all week long. Hope you enjoy these.


#1: Which Utah Jazz player did you fall in love with this year (or the closest thing to love you can feel in your black, black heart)?

Basketball John: I've already crushed on Favors and Burks prior to this season. I'll give the slight nod to Favors. He's locked up long term (he's not going to leave like Alec), and has arguably been the team's best player this season.

Peter J. Novak: Trey Burke. He is my muse. Burke has plenty of refinements that he needs to make, most importantly improving his outside shooting but he has shown enough as a rookie to suggest he is a longterm answer to the Jazz's point guard question. His abilities as a clutch scorer has carried over into the NBA and he has all the makings of a team leader, once he gets another year or two under his belt.

Clark: I am a big fan of Derrick Favors. I love his humility and shyness AND his game. He's developed moves that I thought he might never have. He's still got a long way to go, on offense and defense, but I just really enjoy watching him play. He has a jumper that will get better and some explosion to the hoop. I keep forgetting that he's only 22 years old. This would be his rookie year, if he played all 4 years in college. And I get a kick out of his pouting when he gets fouls early and has to sub out. It's a little immature, but more funny than concerning. He has a bright future.

Tazz: Trey Burke. He's the modern Point Guard; fast, fundamentally sound, can score or create, and can run an offence. His shot needs work, and his defence against elite PG's needs to improve, but he's young.

Moni: Can I pick an entity instead of a player? The Burkcourt.

YuccaMan: Alec Burks. Of the players that the team had looked at as the future, nobody had been given fewer chances to prove whether he could be a decent player in the NBA. I liked Burks, and I believed he could pull through and be a good player ... but there were still so many questions about him. To watch his surge into a reliable scorer with well-rounded contributions (nearly 4 assists and more than 4 rebounds per 36) has been a joy. He's the main reason I watch every game.

Spencer Campbell: Honestly, I already loved Alec Burks, but I love him even more now. You could see the ability in flashes prior to this year, but this year we were able to see it in long stretches and against good teams. I understand that he still has things to work i.e turnovers, ball control, playing in the offense. He gets to the rack, draws fouls and plays with a chip on his shoulder.

AllThatAmar: I gotta be real here. I already liked Alec Burks more than I liked almost everyone on last seasons' team. So I can't pick him. So I'm going to go with Gordon Hayward here. I, like the majority of the universe, didn't watch a lot of Butler NCAA games, so this guy was just a theory until this season. G-Time was the only one of the C4 to get real minutes every year, but his minutes were paired with ball stoppers. With the ball in his hands we're seeing more of that theory put in practice. And we're getting a 16 / 5 / 5 / 1 player who is the new prototype of wing player we need in order to stay 'with the times'. The spot up, passive on offense, strong rebounding wing player is as obsolete as Tyrone Corbin. I wasn't crazy about The Precious before, but today he's someone I can get behind as a SF.

Prodigal Punk: Derrick Favors. He's locked up as a Jazz man for the next few years, which allows me to invest some of my fandom emotions in him. Besides that, he has shown some real development on the offensive side this season. He has looked much more poised in the low post, his short to mid-range shot has come with much more confidence, and his pick and roll game will only improve with a better scheme and more time with Trey Burke


Thanks for all the answers crew! We'll have more questions all week long and answers from more people too. And please don't forget to add your answers in the comment section below too!