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The Downbeat #1341: Round and Round and Round we Go!

Where do the Jazz stand in the Coaching Carousel?

Christian Petersen

Looking at the current and possible coaching positions available for next year...LAL, OKC, CHI, GSW, NYK, WAS, MIN, UTA, DET, IND, and HOU. Taking into consideration current roster, ownership, location, salary, and exposure. How would you rank these jobs if you were a coach?  For example the Jazz may only offer a coach 6 million over three years, and the Knicks would pay 24 million over three years. On the other hand you may want a roster like OKC that is closer to a championship than say DET. Weighing the options, how do you rank them 1-11

Coaching Profile: Brad Jones | Salt City Hoops via David J Smith

Jones then joined Dennis Lindsey and company in the San Antonio Spurs system, coaching their D-League entry, the Austin Toros. As is the case with anything Spurs-related, the Toros were first-class, winning the championship under Jones’ helm in 2012.

.I aI am not an advocate for Jones, but at this point will not count anybody out. He is among the 20+ candidates that the Jazz are looking at, and if they are looking at him we should be looking at him as well.

Utah Jazz: Is John Stockton the answer? | isportsweb We talked about this on the Podcast for quite some time last week and I would like to keep the discussion going....

Most importantly, hiring Stockton makes sense from a personnel standpoint.  Jazz guards Trey Burke and Alec Burks both worked out with Stockton in Washington during the previous offseason, and both came back to tell the Salt Lake City media how much they learned from the NBA all-time assists leader. Stockton could be the mentor that many of the young Jazz players need to further develop, and he could also be the answer to solving the Jazz’s free agent dilemma. Although it’s doubtful that swingman Gordon Hayward would leave town as a restricted free agent, hiring Stockton would probably eliminate all notions of his departure. Stockton could also attract that one big name free agent that the Jazz are so desperate for this offseason, adding to the young talent that makes up the Jazz roster.

It is possible that John could also be our "Shot Doctor".

Gordon Hayward did an interview with which can be found here.

Not too long ago, you were in these kids' shoes. How important is it to learn the right way to play at a young age?

It’s very important. Bad habits can easily be formed when you’re younger. To have someone come and teach you the right way to play puts you on the right track when you’re little. It’s easier to learn things at a younger age.

Also Moni put the transcription of the Locke interview here

You said at locker room cleanout the Jazz have to play with more athleticism and pace. Do you hope that’s the direction the organization goes with the new coach?
Yeah, I think so. I mean, we should probably utilize what we have, as far as just the speed we have out on the wing and some of the athleticism. I mean, it’s, hopefully it can [result in] easy buckets.

I mean, you know, it’s hard to score in the NBA when you have to walk the ball up the court every time. So. I think definitely, if we get out in transition, it’ll probably be a little better for us.

On Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls' playoff exit, and scoring balance - Matt also adds some thoughts about Mike D'Antoni as well (before he stepped down).

Because Thibodeau has had so much regular season success, twice without his best player, he has earned a reputation as one of the best coaches in the league, which he is. He gets more out of his players emotionally and effort wise than any coach in the league, including Gregg Popovich. He's a fearless and cunning tactician, able to figure out ways to typically limit any weapon the opponent brings. He understands clock management, foul constraint and how to simply stick your man.

Thibodeau didn't have talent to fall back on, he had to muster up an approach with the leftovers of a rebuilding project's infancy stage. He was outgunned and sometimes that's all that matters.

Thibodeau is on the top of my coaching list. Has your desired coach changed in the past week if so. Why? and to Whom?