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NBA Draft 2014: Draft player agents with Utah Jazz connections

Fun but entirely useless

"Forget about the draft, I need a raise!"
"Forget about the draft, I need a raise!"

We remember years ago when Kobe Bryant 's people scared the New Jersey Nets so much that they ended up passing on him to take Kerry Kittles -- in order to facilitate a trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets that was already in place. Or, at least we remember the legends of that Vlade Divac draft night trade, and the idea that it was an agent coup.

It may be unlikely that anything of that sort will a) ever happen again; and b) ever happen in favor of the Utah Jazz. But we can dream, though. In order to identify if this dream can ever be a reality let's look at the top players who have declared for the draft and hired an agent, and let us see if any of them have any history with the Jazz franchise (recent, current, or former).

Jazz Jazz 2014 Draft Entrant
Agent Players Examples 1 2 3 4 5
1 Bill Duffy 1 Andris Biedrins Andrew Wiggins 1.55 Zach LaVine 19.26 Deonte Burton 39.08 Alec Brown 75.00
2 Arn Tellem 3 DeShawn Stevenson, Diante Garrett Jabari Parker 2.15 Joel Embiid 2.65
3 Rob Pelinka 2 Carlos Boozer, Derek Fisher Dante Exum 4.50 Shabazz Napier 25.00
4 Jeff Schwartz 4 Deron Williams, Al Jefferson Noah Vonleh 7.40
5 Mark Bartelstein 7 Gordon Hayward, Jeremy Evans Doug McDermott 12.20 Nik Stauskas 14.95 Adreian Payne 17.53 Mitch McGary 32.92 Joe Harris 59.33
6 Ty Sullivan 1 Kevin Murphy T.J. Warren 19.16
7 B.J. Armstrong 1 Diante Garrett Jerami Grant 19.74 Jahii Carson 42.50 Roy Devin Marble 52.13 Billy Baron
8 Bouna Ndiaye 1 Rudy Gobert Clint Capela 21.44 Louis Labeyrie 151.00 Josh Davis 151.00 Axel Toupane 151.00
9 Wallace Prather 1 Derrick Favors Jordan Adams 31.89
10 Mike Higgins 1 Ronnie Price Russ Smith 41.90
11 Andrew Vye 1 Eric Maynor Markel Brown 47.00 Scottie Welbekin 77.50
12 Jim Tanner 1 Marvin Williams Patric Young 49.00 James Michael McAdoo 49.82
13 Reggie Brown 2 Mo Williams, Brandon Rush Sean Kilpatrick 75.67
14 Marc Fleisher 2 Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur Viktor Gaddefors 78.00 Mateusz Ponitka 79.00
15 Bernie Lee 1 John Lucas III Geron Johnson 85.00
16 Rade Filipovich 1 Andris Biedrins Dmitry Kulagin 92.00
17 Brad Ames 1 Gordon Hayward Philipp Neumann 151.00 Taylor Braun 151.00
18 Herb Rudoy 1 Raja Bell Brandon Young 151.00 Guillem Vives 151.00 Marko Ramljak 151.00 Matias Bortolin 151.00 Moussa Diagne 151.00
Shayne Whittington 151.00 Travis McKie 151.00

N.B. Ratings based on consensus draft 5.0; ratings of 151.0 = not in my big board right now.

Before we go too far, let's remember that Beans "earned" $9.0 million this year, so he is a FANTASTIC agent. Some players are repped by more than one agent per agency, so there's some overlap here. If anything this investigation has led me to believe that agents are involved MORE than we had previously believed. Guys who are traded for are sometimes repped by the same agent, like D-Will and Devin Harris were. Other people who join the team seem to be players who have agents who are good with the Jazz -- like the fact that Bart had seven Jazzmen in the last few seasons. I am surprised that Rob Pelinka didn't get any of the UofM guys on his squad (as he was a teammate of the Fab 5 from those days), I am really surprised that Bart got almost all of the UofM and MSU people. Dude owns the state of Michigan for this draft class missing out on only a few players (and all of the people from Oakland, and other Michigan schools, okay, so maybe he doesn't own the state.)

Can the Jazz make some sort of move due to good relationships? Perhaps. Can we expect a Kobe like move? No. What can we expect? Perhaps we'll take Mitch McGary even though he failed a drug test, as a favor? I don't know.

This was still a worthwhile investigation. For the full list of our players and their agents visit here.