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NBA Playoffs 2014: Clippers and Wizards need a win to even the score in game four

There be games today.

"Hold me." "Only if you hold me too."
"Hold me." "Only if you hold me too."

Sooooo, last night we saw the Brooklyn Nets get a win at home against the Miami Heat to make it 2-1 in that series, and we saw the San Antonio Spurs keep their win streak alive with a near-drubbing of the Portland Trail Blazers. The Heat are no longer undefeated in the playoffs, and the Spurs are now 3-0 in the second round. The ability to win road games in the playoffs is huge. Our franchise has had trouble winning road games in December.

Anyway, two more games tonight. Important Game fours! The Clippers and Wizards need to win to even up the series, as it stands right now they got the split in the first two games, but gave the advantage right back by losing in Game 3.

Game 1:Thunder @ Clippers (1:30 pm MT), ABC
Game 2: Pacers @ Wizards (6:00 pm MT), TNT

There's only one "Jazzman" in "action" tonight, and that's Derek Fisher, whom we don't like very much. And really, I would rather Fisher got sent to the bottom of the ocean without an air supply than call him a Jazzman.