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Utah Jazz Reach Out To John Stockton About Head Coaching Vacancy

Jeff Hornacek? Pfft, that's so last year. John Stockton is in vogue.

Imagine Stockton in a suit on the bench.
Imagine Stockton in a suit on the bench.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to's Marc Stein the Utah Jazz have about 20 candidates that they're looking at for their coaching vacancy.  One of the those candidates will be sure to excite Jazz fans.

The Utah Jazz, as part of a broad coaching search expected to feature some 20 candidates, plan to reach out to Jazz legend John Stockton to gauge whether he has any interest in the position, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Sources told that Jazz officials intend to at least pose the question to the Hall of Fame guard about his willingness to move into coaching, while mindful of Stockton's lack of previous coaching experience and the fact that he has long loathed the sort of spotlight associated with the job.

Of course, the Utah Jazz are denying this as of right now.  But could the Utah Jazz add John Stockton to the fold and have John Stockton and Karl Malone back on the bench together?  It sure could be a fun thought.  Most likely, this doesn't happen but kudos to Dennis Lindsey for going through every candidate and scenario.  Dennis Lindsey has shown so far in his tenure that he's unafraid of the bold choice.  John Stockton as head coach would sure be a bold choice.