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NBA Draft 2014: Chicago Predraft Combine Schedule

Fun, fun, fun!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so the NBA Draft is still on June 26th, and the Draft Lotto is still May 20th. Right now in Chicago we have the NBA Draft Combine happening. Today was internal NBA meetings, orientation, light workouts and practice, and fluff (pictures, video interviews, etc). Tomorrow and the day after are the big events where these guys actually go at one another.

Some notes here:

  • Because the plan for 75 didn't even come close (59 people are suiting up) they've done the thing I felt like they would not do, and they are having four workouts per day / four sections, instead of five
  • Another dude is now no longer suiting up, Michigan's bigman Mitch McGary.
  • Because they are now doing four groups some guys are mixed in different groups -- and it is very interesting


Point Guards Shooting Guards Small Forwards Bigmen

Player Ranking Player Ranking Player Ranking Player Ranking
1 Marcus Smart 6.50 Dante Exum 4.45 Doug McDermott 11.95 Julius Randle 4.75
2 Tyler Ennis 12.40 Gary Harris 10.50 Rodney Hood 16.84 Noah Vonleh 7.40
3 Shabazz Napier 25.00 James Young 14.05 Kyle Anderson 18.16 Aaron Gordon 8.00
4 Elfrid Payton 25.40 Nik Stauskas 14.95 Jerami Grant 19.16 Adreian Payne 17.30
5 Jordan Clarkson 34.67 Zach LaVine 19.26 T.J. Warren 19.16 Jarnell Stokes 38.38
6 Semaj Christon 37.00 P.J. Hairston 23.94 K.J. McDaniels 25.44 Isaiah Austin 40.90
7 Deonte Burton 39.08 Jordan Adams 31.89 Cleanthony Early 26.41 Johnny O'Bryant III 46.90
8 Russ Smith 41.90 C.J. Wilcox 37.00 Glenn Robinson III 31.86 Patric Young 49.00
9 Jahii Carson 42.50 Nick Johnson 40.17 DeAndre Daniels 31.87 Dwight Powell 49.10
10 Spencer Dinwiddie 43.67 Jabari Brown 46.40 LaQuinton Ross 41.44 James Michael McAdoo 49.82
11 Xavier Thames 58.00 Markel Brown 47.00 C.J. Fair 49.86 Cory Jefferson 51.60
12 DeAndre Kane 58.57 Jordan McRae 51.60 Thansis Antetokounmpo 51.90 Khem Birch 55.60
13 Aaron Craft 68.75 Roy Devyn Marble 52.13 Melvin Ejim 56.50 Jordan Bachynski 63.60
14 Kendall Williams 72.60 Joe Harris 59.33

Alec Brown 75.00
15 Lamar Patterson 62.40

Cameron Bairstow 77.00
16 Sean Kilpatrick 75.67 Alex Kirk 83.50

Workout: 9:00-10:15 Workout: 10:15-11:30 Workout: 11:30-12:45 Workout: 12:45-2:00

Media: 10:15-11:00 Media: 11:30-12:15 Media: 12:45-1:30 Media: 2:00-2:45

This is the big people watching day -- so I'm going to stay mostly in the main gym watching the Utah Jazz people, and the players, and watching the Utah Jazz people watch the players. I am not crazy about any of the bigmen, so that will let me go with the SFs into the media room and do interviews there. As it stands, if we draft a bigman it's not going to be about something he does at the combine. There are no Rudy Gobert 's this year.


Shooting Guards Point Guards Bigmen Small Forwards
Player Ranking Player Ranking Player Ranking Player Ranking
1 Dante Exum 4.45 Marcus Smart 6.50 Julius Randle 4.75 Doug McDermott 11.95
2 Gary Harris 10.50 Tyler Ennis 12.40 Noah Vonleh 7.40 Rodney Hood 16.84
3 James Young 14.05 Shabazz Napier 25.00 Aaron Gordon 8.00 Kyle Anderson 18.16
4 Nik Stauskas 14.95 Elfrid Payton 25.40 Adreian Payne 17.30 Jerami Grant 19.16
5 Zach LaVine 19.26 Jordan Clarkson 34.67 Jarnell Stokes 38.38 T.J. Warren 19.16
6 P.J. Hairston 23.94 Semaj Christon 37.00 Isaiah Austin 40.90 K.J. McDaniels 25.44
7 Jordan Adams 31.89 Deonte Burton 39.08 Johnny O'Bryant III 46.90 Cleanthony Early 26.41
8 C.J. Wilcox 37.00 Russ Smith 41.90 Patric Young 49.00 Glenn Robinson III 31.86
9 Nick Johnson 40.17 Jahii Carson 42.50 Dwight Powell 49.10 DeAndre Daniels 31.87
10 Jabari Brown 46.40 Spencer Dinwiddie 43.67 James Michael McAdoo 49.82 LaQuinton Ross 41.44
11 Markel Brown 47.00 Xavier Thames 58.00 Cory Jefferson 51.60 C.J. Fair 49.86
12 Jordan McRae 51.60 DeAndre Kane 58.57 Khem Birch 55.60 Thansis Antetokounmpo 51.90
13 Roy Devyn Marble 52.13 Aaron Craft 68.75 Jordan Bachynski 63.60 Melvin Ejim 56.50
14 Joe Harris 59.33 Kendall Williams 72.60 Alec Brown 75.00
15 Lamar Patterson 62.40 Cameron Bairstow 77.00
16 Sean Kilpatrick 75.67 Alex Kirk 83.50
Workout + STR/AGL: 9:00-10:45 Workout + STR/AGL: 10:00-11:45 Workout + STR/AGL: 11:00-12:45 Workout + STR/AGL: 12:00-1:30
Media: 10:45-11:30 Media: 11:45-12:30 Media: 12:45-1:30 Media: 1:30-2:15

Friday is a little different, there's the lane agility test, and sprints among others. This can be rewarding to watch, but no need to go all crazy on the scores. Carlos Boozer, who rarely rotates on defense, has one of the best lane agility scores of all bigmen all-time. You'll get more media interviews on this day -- especially because a) most people will have gone HAM on interviews for day 1, b) the players will be more tired and relieved to be done, and thus, c) be willing to joke around more and reveal more.

That's my plan, anyway. Things may change if one guy or another really shows up on day one and we need more data to see if he's for reals -- like Tony Snell last year.

Other stuff:

I kind of like how they've split Smart and Exum here, either their agents got involved or the NBA is doing their best to keep things interesting. So they'll never go head-to-head unless it's in a closed workout for a team leading up to the draft. Russ Smith also going down with the PGs is going to be interesting as I had him as a SG earlier.

The Day 1 shooting tests are always fun to watch, particularly because some agents force bigs to shoot the NBA three instead of the NCAA three in the set shots (untimed). It's hilarious to watch, they split this with the Morris twins a few seasons ago. The other more engaging thing is the timed shooting tests. Here you see the difference between a real shooter, and an opportunistic one. A few years ago Jimmer showed the world that he was a shooter's shooter in this drill.

And of course, watching who the Jazz bring, and who are running the drills is always fun for me. You'll get the straight dope from me on all of this -- after all, this is one of the reasons why you visit SLC Dunk -- the premier source for Utah Jazz draft information. No other Jazz blog goes to as many draft events as we do.