Interesting Stats about Trey Burke

Here are some statistics according to Andy Bailey from BleacherReport on Trey Burke:

"This season, Burke averaged 12.8 field-goal attempts and 4.8 three-point attempts per game.

There was a total of 49 players who took at least 12.8 shots per game. Among that group, Burke's field-goal percentage ranked 48th. Only Brandon Jenning's 37.3 percent was worse than Burke's 38 percent.

Only 29 players hoisted up 4.8 threes per game. In that group, Burke's percentage of 33 percent is dead last.

Finally, just 17 players averaged 12.8 field-goal attempts and 4.8 three-point attempts. Burke was 17th in that group with a true shooting percentage of 47.3"

I haven't checked these stats myself and don't intend to (sorry, guys). But here' s a new way to look at Trey's rookie campaign and a different kind of baseline heading into his second season. And by golly, Brandon Jennings is shitty.

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