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NBA Draft Lottery 2014: Today is the big day for the future of the NBA

For all the ups and downs of this draft class, today is still a very big day


The NBA Draft lottery is today, and I don't need to tell you all what is at stake. Many of you loyal Utah Jazz fans have been playing the ESPN Mock Lotto for months now, for a chance to pick in the Top 3 or better. The team, our team, finished the season with the worst record in the Western Conference -- 25 - 57 -- which is tied for third worst in the 40 year franchise history of the team.

Last season was full of suffering and hardship for all except for the most deluded of fans, but bless them, some of them even thought Tyrone Corbin would be brought back. That shows how out of touch some of them were, the season was so bad their mind had to dissociate from reality for the sake of self preservation.

Our front office, more steeped in reality than they would let on, had been purposefully planning for this 2014 NBA Draft for a while now. It wasn't about self preservation, it was about executing a plan with the purpose of building a TRUE contender. And that starts with and ends with the NBA draft for a small market franchise in a place with a cold winter, owned by a group that has vowed never to pay the luxury tax again.

The Jazz have never picked #1, and this may be their best chance to do so. There are other teams out there with better chances, but you could argue that our team deserves some good karma for the charity they did the last few seasons by taking in guys like Josh Howard and company, and starting them at various times during their tenure in Salt Lake. It's going to be a crazy day -- so we made a stream for all the info.

Keep checking in all day long for up to the minute information and analysis!