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NBA Draft Lottery 2014: Jazz Jam Session with Michael Levin of

Talking about the NBA Draft Lottery and the Philadelphia 76ers


The Philadelphia 76ers finished the season 19-63, the second worst record in the league. As a direct result, they have the second most ping-pong balls for today's NBA Draft lottery. In order to get a little more information on the Sixers we're going to Jam with editor Michael Levin (@Michael_Levin)!

Philly has a 19.9% shot at the top pick, so let's get Jammin'!


1. My team is only in the lottery this year because of __________, ________ , and __________ .

Michael: ...they wanted to be there, since the franchise has no interest in mediocrity.


2. If we were drafting based on need, the top player on our draft board would be _________ .

Michael: Andrew Wiggins.


3. Historically the lotto has been _____ to my franchise.

Michael: Pretty okay!


4. Our team deserves a Top 3 pick because __________ .

Michael: The Sixers lost 26 games in a row and nobody wants this more.


5. Our team deserves the #1 pick because ___________ .

Michael: Come on, the Bucks? Give it give it give it.


Thanks Michael, and best of luck to your Philadelphia 76ers!