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NBA Draft 2014 Lottery: SLC Dunk Crew Jazz Jam Session

Do ya feel lucky, Prodigal Punk?

Okay, the NBA Draft lotto is in a few hours. It's crunch time. So it's only natural that we went to the most clutch Utah Jazz writers to figure it all out. Four questions, please give your answers in the comments section. Let's start this SLC Dunk Jam Session!


#1 Do you have a good luck charm?

Diana Allen: No good luck charms for me. But my daughter is very lucky, she is always winning contests. She has only entered two Jazz contests ever and won them both. She got accepted into both charter schools we applied to back in Utah. She is a very lucky girl. Today she wore her Paul Millsap jersey without even knowing today was the lottery. I think that has to send good vibes to us from the Basketball Gods.

Prodigal Punk: Naw. Just sending positive vibes. The Secret and whatnot

Peter J Novak: I do not believe in luck. I believe in hard work and preparation.

Spencer Campbell: I do not have a good luck charm. I am under the thought that its always in the numbers. If you draft this draft ten times, or even a hundred times the statistics would play and our to the percentages would be very close to true.

Clarkpojo: Not particularly. But a couple of weeks ago I did wear the same socks and shoes for 3 straight days when I needed some good fortune. We all do it at sometime.

Tazz Jazz Fan: I don't believe in luck, I believe in practice, preparation and establishing habits and routine.


#2 How lucky do you feel today?

Diana Allen: I always feel lucky! I think we will get the #2 pick.

Prodigal Punk: As lucky as any other day. I did have some REALLY good toast this morning, though.

Peter J Novak: I do not feel anything other than (slight) remorse for poor preparation on the Jazz's part in their efforts to increase their probabilities for tonight's lottery.

Yucca Man: Let's just say that I have dreams when I'm really anxious about something. I've been having dreams about my students and their end-of-the-year tests (usually the dreams involve them intentionally bombing it just to be funny). Well, last night I had my very first in the history of Yucca lotto dream. I don't know if I feel lucky or not.

Spencer Campbell: Happy to be alive. If we move up fantastic, if not, oh well. I don't want to change the subject, but I care more about our new coach than I do about who we get in this lottery. Although it will take a good/great coach and one/two superstars to make a deep run in the Playoffs. Let's start with a superstar tonight with the top pick... I talked myself into feeling lucky.

Clarkpojo: Not very lucky, which I assure everybody, means absolutely nothing.

Tazz Jazz Fan: I feel that, given the odds, we have an OK chance of moving up.


#3 If the Jazz win the lotto, who do you pick?

Diana Allen: I have no idea. I guess Wiggins. I am not into college ball at all so that's just going off of what other people have said. But since every other fanbase thinks the lottery is rigged in our favor for the whole Mormon connection....maybe Parker. I am just kidding no way DL only chooses a player because of religion.

Prodigal Punk: I don't think the Jazz will win the lotto. It's funny, but I have the exact same feeling as Diana. I think the Jazz will wind up with the 2nd pick. If he's available, I'm taking Wiggins. If not, I'm going with Embiid. I'm not sold on Parker. His weight problems and lack of defense scare me.

Peter J Novak: Joel Embiid is the best basketball prospect in the draft, contingent on his health. Jabari Parker is no worse than the 3rd best basketball prospect in the draft, however, his background does a lot for the business operations for the Jazz. Considering how close the top 3 are, I think Parker is probably the right pick for the Jazz organization at this time.

Yucca Man: Jabari Parker. I'm not the college hoops guru, so maybe I'm just dumb. But I like Jabari's NBA readiness.

Spencer Campbell: Jabari Parker

Clarkpojo: For me, I'd be satisfied with any of Embiid, Parker, Exum or Wiggins. But as long as I felt good about his medical history, Embiid would be my first choice followed by Parker and Exum.

Tazz Jazz Fan: I feel that Wiggins is the best player in the draft. However any of Embiid, Parker, Wiggins or Exum will do nicely. I *really* want my Homeboy Dante Exum, for the obvious reason.


#4 If the team does not win the lotto, is this a problem? Should someone be blamed? Or will the Jazz still get a good player in this draft?

Diana Allen: I don't think its a problem. I don't know who could be blamed except winning meaningless games when we could have had a solid grasp on the # 3 seed at the end of the season or owning 4th all on our own instead of sharing it with Boston, by winning the last game of the season. I think DL did what he had to get the Jazz a good draft pick and I don't see him being content if we fall to #7 or whatever, he'll make some noise.

Prodigal Punk: It's not a problem. There are so many variables. Even if they don't win, which team leaps ahead? Do they move up at all? Plus there's all the stuff that can happen between now and draft night.

Peter J Novak: If the Jazz do not end up in the top 3-4 it is a huge problem, with a whole season wasted in attempt to land a franchise level prospect. Dennis Lindsey should be blamed as he is in control and could have done things to increase his lottery chances, especially considering the fact that the Jazz had the worst record in the league for the first 1/3rd of the season. Maintaining that position was easily achievable, even with the failing Bucks and Sixers.

The Jazz at 5-6-7 will still land a good player to add to their current roster of good players. Until the team lands a great player, they are going nowhere in this very deep Western Conference.

Yucca Man: It will be a disappointment, considering the point was to get as good a draft pick as possible. But I also think the young core was better than their record showed last year. I'll be bummed if they don't get a top pick, but it won't be the end of the world, imo.

Spencer Campbell: I don't think blame is the right word. A few more losses would have given us a better chance to get a higher pick, but I never want our players to quit (although they did on numerous occasions this year). I think we are good to get a good player one through seven.

Clarkpojo: It would be disappointing for sure, but the Jazz would still have a shot at drafting a great player or making trades to better the team. Look at what a side show lack of patience and placing blame has made Memphis. This Jazz regime needs a couple years to build something before we get too worked up.

Tazz Jazz Fan: No. Whoever is left at 4 will still be a great young player who hopefully gets to flourish under the new coach.


Awesome answers guys and gal! I know that I'll personally be crushed if we get a bad pick and blame the fans for it. Oh wait, no, that's some other guy.