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The Downbeat #1359 The "Day After Yesterday" Edition


Clippers assistant Alvin Gentry expected to interview for Jazz's head-coaching job - Yahoo Sports

Los Angeles Clippers associate head coach Alvin Gentry is expected to soon interview for theUtah Jazz's head-coaching vacancy, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Here Is Gentry's Track record over the past 15 years. via BR

His best year was obviously the WCF in 2009 with the following roster.

Gentry is also receiving strong interest from the Golden State Warriors to be the associate head coach under new coach Steve Kerr. Gentry worked under Kerr when both were in Phoenix.

The question is, Do you want to go to Utah and be the man with a young team? Go to Cleveland with a young team and the #1 pick ? Or go to GS and be an assistant with a playoff spot and possible run at the title.? Alvin Gentry gets to choose his own adventure.

15 minutes with Dennis Lindsey via 1280 No transcript, but a few thoughts...

"There is plenty of talent there (the 5th spot)"

"Interesting conversations about moving up, moving back, ect" (History on the Jazz side)

"Need teams vs best player teams" (Where do we fall?)

"Best player is an option, because we have positional players"  paraphrase.

"Several good defensive talents in the draft"

Five Mock Drafts in one. Amar is good at tables and stuff.  Randle, Exum, Gordon, Vonleh all seem to be viable options at the number five spot. Amar goes to the next level at pick 23 and like a draft within in draft takes us even deeper with possible players at pick number 35.

Two fire starter bits of information that are not plausible, but fun to think about.

Here’s how the Utah Jazz still land Jabari Parker | The Salt Lake Tribune
Tuesday night was a disappointing one for Utah Jazz fans. Lottery luck didn’t cooperate and Utah was left with the No. 5 pick for next month’s NBA draft. Most think that the order of selection ...

No way in hell Parker falls to five. I am feeding the click machine that is ridiculous news. I apologize in advance.

Also this from David Aldridge on Twitter

What kind of scenarios can you put together for number five... Enjoy