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Utah Jazz History: Remember what a complete team looks like?

This seems like an eternity ago . . .

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

One of the best playoff runs in Utah Jazz fan history had to be back in Deron Williams ' second year in the league . . . the team won a Game 7 on the road against the Houston Rockets. They blitz the fairweather fan's pick, the Golden State Warriors, in five games. And they stole a game against the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. This was the first time a non- Stockton / Malone team did something like that. And sadly, now nearly a decade later, that was still the only non- Stockton / Malone team do to that.

Thanks for uploading this BBall John!

How do "we" get back there? You need a good game plan. You need a group of players who fit that system. You need a go-to first option, and a lock solid second option (Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer). You need outside shooting (Mehmet Okur). You need great glue guys who play defense and get rebounds (Matt Harpring, Andrei Kirilenko). And you need a whole bunch more . . .

What does this current era of the Utah Jazz have? This post- Tyrone Corbin Jazz?

We're still searching for scoring options. We don't have a coach, so right now don't have a game plan. Floor spacing? Defense? Glue guys? I guess after a 25 win season where half you team was playing in a contract year we can truly say that, really, it can't get any worse.

So the question to all of you seems to be "What do we have now?" and "What is the next, most pressing need?"