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NBA Playoffs 2014: Miami Heat visit the Indiana Pacers for Game 5 action

Will it finally end?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Miami Heat will try to wrap up their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers, down 1-3, have one thing going for them -- namely that they are at home. It may mean little since the Heat just won in their building the last time these two teams played there. While the NBA Playoffs this year had a crazy first round the second round was much less exciting. The third round, the Conference Finals, appears to be going according to script. Some observers have lamented about the Heat's journey to the finals. They swept the Charlotte Bobcats (Al Jefferson the leader decided to play in 3 of the teams 4 games, missing out the close out game). Then they dispatched the Brooklyn Nets in five. Miami had an opportunity to do the same to the Pacers, a team built specifically to combat the Heat.

Ideally the Pacers win tonight, and extend the series to a Game 6. I just don't like any team's chances of winning a Game 6 in Miami that's NOT Miami. The game tonight starts at 6:30 pm MT, and can be found on ESPN.