What's your best $15 Jazz lineup

Taking the $15 to make the best starting lineup, let's apply it to Jazz lore.






John Stockton $5

Pete Maravich $5

Adrian Dantley $5

Karl Malone $5

Al Jefferson $5

Deron Williams $4

Jeff Hornacek $4

Andrei Kirilenko $4

Carlos Boozer $4

Mehmet Okur $4

Rickey Green $3

Darrell Griffith $3

Bryon Russell $3

Truck Robinson $3

Mark Eaton $3

Gail Goodrich $2

Jeff Malone $2

Matt Harpring $2

Paul Millsap $2

Derrick Favors $2

Devin Harris $1

Gordon Hayward $1

D. Marshall $1

Thurl Bailey $1

Greg Ostertag $1

There is a metric ton of value in the 4 spot in Jazz history and that goes beyond Karl Malone. Millsap as a $2 player is a huge bargain and much more valuable than say Greg Ostertag as a $1 player.

With that said here is my team.

Obviously you need Stockton and Malone, but they take up 2/3 of your cap. So I chose G and Matty as my wings. G's defense would be critical. Matt Harpring is very under appreciated for his play in a Jazz uniform. He doesn't get enough credit for how stinking good he was before injuries caught up to him. He also played his best ball aside John and Karl. A pre-injury Harpring and G would be able to switch across the floor in pick and roll situations. Hayward provides the athleticism to play wing and Matt had the strength to guard stretch 4s.

Favors is like a very very rich man's Greg Ostertag in that he provides rim protection and rebounds, but he can also catch and finish. If Karl had Derrick Favors next to him in 1998 we would have a championship.

Stockton 5

G-Time 1

Matty 2

Mail 5

Favors 2

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