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NBA Finals 2014: San Antonio Spurs look to put stranglehold on Miami Heat in Game 4

Kawhi not?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Last time out the San Antonio Spurs dominated the Miami Heat at home, and gave the two time defending champs their first loss on their own court this playoffs. In doing so the Spurs re-took home court back, and lead the series 2-1. If the Spurs can win again then they would be up 3-1 going back to the San Antonio.

How very crazy.

The Miami Heat will have really get it done tonight to prevent something even they can't come back from. I'm not saying that this is all Mario Chalmers ' fault, but it kinda is. Well, not really, you can't knock the Heat, you need to praise the Spurs here. Their game plan and execution was without peer in Game 3. If adjustments are going to happen, they need to happen now for the Heat.

The Game starts at 6 pm MT, on ABC.