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The Downbeat #1368 - The Draft is Crazy Edition

Get used to seeing this face?
Get used to seeing this face?
Jamie Squire

On Saturday, Walt Perrin (VP of Basketball Operations) did a small Q&A with the Deseret News. Nothing earth shattering in the article, but here are some main points:

  • Probably won't get any of Embiid, Parker, Wiggins, to come for workouts/interviews. He didn't say anything about Exum
  • They won't bring in quite as many players as last year (70)
  • They will be making a decision on Tomic very soon. Have to decide if they want to bring him over and if he wants to come over. Not so pressing a decision with Neto.
  • He thinks this is a deep draft (duh).

On top of that, Perrin also mentions that they have TONS of video to watch. They have to look at everyone from 12-20, because those guys won't be here for workouts, but the Jazz never know who will fall.

How amazing would it be to have a seat in the war room of an NBA team, on draft night? I've always thought it would be fascinating. Beside that, think about the decision they have to make. It would be very easy for a team in the top 3 of this draft to let their decision be influenced by the media covering the NCAA and creating the mock drafts, but they have to do their due diligence and look at every player.

This is how things start to get topsy-turvy. Nerlens Noel dropped all the way to 6 last year. Andre Drummond fell all the way to 9 the year before that. It's part of what makes draft night so damn exciting.

This all begs the question: When are the Jazz going to bring in the "second tier" guys? We haven't seen any one of Vonleh, Smart, Randle, Gordon, or McBuckets working out for the Jazz. Any guesses as to why that is?

(It could be because the draft is still over 3 weeks away)

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