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Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter will undergo surgery, miss FIBA World Cup according to multiple sources


Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
[Ed. It's not a corrective surgery, nothing is broken. It is regenerative treatment.]

The internet in ablaze one again as Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter is reported to need knee surgery and will miss the FIBA World Cup this summer. Multiple sources have reported this (mostly European ones), and the news is trickling down to the US now.

I asked Enes how he was feeling on twitter, and he hasn't responded yet. But we'll all collectively play the waiting game now.

I found out about this story a few hours ago when MyLo texted me, so he's more informed than a crazy insomniac like me.

This is bad news for Jazz fans, in every way. Not being able to see Enes do his thing for Team Turkey will suck. Having him be injured AGAIN will suck (he missed out on necessary training and development in the last off-season due to his separated shoulder rehab) AGAIN. And the other issue is that this limits Kanter's trade value.

Furthermore, Basketball John had this to add:

Personally, I think this uncertainty makes it 'okay' for the Jazz to settle and draft a bigman early in this NBA Draft. We need to know more before we know how to feel about this though.

Best wishes to Enes Kanter, and I hope he gets well soon. We want to see more pictures of the 8 pack on twitter too!