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The Downbeat #1386 - Yes More Draft Stuff

Jeff Gross

On Saturday the SL Trib posted an article naming the Jazz's worst draft picks of all-time. The worst pick goes to someone that I have never heard of (Would have been picked when they were in New Orleans). Of course, you can probably guess some of the rest, because there have been some duds.

One guy that vanished from the league so quickly, was Morris Almond. It has always seemed odd that he never stuck anywhere after destroying the D-League.

5. Morris Almond (2007, 25th overall)

The Rice University product never remotely caught on in the NBA, scoring only 13 points in nine games as a rookie and only 92 the following season in 25 games. He was dominant in the D-League, but washed out in the league that matters, playing in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Serbia and several other D-League teams up until last season. Aaron Afflalo, Tiago Splitter and Marc Gasol were still on the board when Almond was selected.

He was picked in the heyday of Boozer/Memo/AK/DWill, so the pick was a reach (The old O'Connor low risk/high reward) in hopes of adding some much needed shooting. Six months later the Jazz would trade for Kyle Korver.

There are certainly some Saric fans out there, but it looks like he will be a draft-and-stash for a team this year, as Chad Ford reports via, Saric has signed a 3 year deal with Turkish team Anadolu Efes.

The deal will have a player option for year three. Saric is expected to receive and sign a contract in the next 24 hours.

Ford believes this will drop him down to the late teens in the draft. What does it make you think when a player waffles as much as Saric has? If you're a competitor don't you want to play against the best competition, in the best league in the world? WWTKD (What would Tony Kukoc do?)

Chad Ford is set to release his latest Mock Draft (9.0). Right now (as of 8:55 mt) it's only available in video form, from his spot on SportsCenter. His list:

1. Parker

2. Wiggins

3. Exum

4. Vonleh

5. Gordon

He mentions that the Cavs are probably 60/40 in favor of Parker because they need immediate impact. He also reiterates that there are still a lot of trade discussions.

He has the Jazz taking Aaron Gordon now. As mentioned in the comments section of Amar's DB on Saturday, there are rumors that Aaron Gordon was in town for a super top secret 2nd workout/ interview. So far, Ben Anderson from KFAN is the only one I've seen confirm this workout:

These Dante Exum Foot Locker commercials are hilarious:

H/t: Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders

More shameless plugs for the USMNT at the World Cup:

If you didn't catch the match yesterday, here is the chance to redeem yourself before you are most likely deported for anti-American reasons. Go for the German decimation of the US team, stay for the elation as the Jazz trade up in the draft (It's a fair trade-off)*

*Energy Solutions staff may not let you stay that long