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Utah Jazz finalize Coaching staff, Brad Jones to be lead assistant

Jazz coaching staff set at six, some new, some borrowed, and at least one more blue.

The Utah Jazz formalized and finalized their 2014 2015 coaching staff. They will be promoting Brad Jones to lead assistant, and promoting Alex Jensen to an on the bench coaching job. Johnnie Bryant returns as well as an assistant coach for player development. New members of the staff will be Mike Wells (player development), and Antonio Lang (former head coach in Japan, former Duke basketball player).

How does this batch stack up against last year? Well . . .

Utah Jazz
2013 2014 2014 2015
1 Head Coach Tyrone Corbin Quin Snyder
2 Lead Assistant Sidney Lowe Brad Jones
3 Assistant Mike Sanders Antonio Lang
4 Assistant Brad Jones Alex Jensen
5 AST - Player Dev Alex Jensen Johnnie Bryant
6 AST - Player Dev Johnnie Bryant Mike Wells

Yeah. We don't have a lot of NBA playing experience, but all of these guys are here to coach, which is precisely what a team filled with youngsters who left school early need. They all played in college. And here are their stats.

Coach College Seas G MPG PPG RPG APG SPG BPG
1 Quin Snyder Duke 4 136 23.4 6.2 1.3 4.2 1.4 0.4
2 Antonio Lang Duke 4 135 22.4 7.5 4.3 0.7 0.5 0.8
3 Alex Jensen Utah 3 99 10.6 7.0 2.9 0.9 0.3
4 Johnnie Bryant Utah 3 92 14.1 2.6 2.1 0.7 0.0
5 Mike Wells Mt Vernon 2
6 Brad Jones Lambuth ?

Yes, I have no clue how many rebounds a game Brad got in college. But yeah, we do have a few people who have at least played in college. No NBA players, but most of these guys have coached with some great teams in the NBA. So, perhaps that will serve us better in the future.