Post Draft Delirium & Lineups

Still a little giddy after how that draft played out. There is so much talent for the coaching staff to develop and I hope they are up to the task. The college & D League experience on this coaching staff is probably not by chance.

Aside from Hayward and 1 or 2 FA signings the Jazz roster is mostly filled for the upcoming season. That means it is time to play arm chair coach and tinker with lineups. The following google doc lets you play around with minutes to get a sense of how much there is to go around for the various positions. Feel free to claim one of the tabs at the bottom and mess around with the minutes.

Jazz Minutes Google Doc

He may not be ready at the beginning of the season, but I really hope Exum is getting atleast 30 mins by the all-star break. (In addition to the F5 if they are all still here - and there are easily enough mins to accomplish that).

If the Jazz don't retain Hayward they might need a FA SF because otherwise it will be left to a rookie and two tweeners (Hood/Evans/Burks). Any ideas for what SF to target if we let Hayward get away?

My favorite (not best) theoretical lineup is the Super Long Lineup - not sure who fits at 3 here but if this group can't be coached to play some serious D there probably is no hope for that coach.

  1. Exum
  2. Burks
  3. Hayward/Hood/Evans
  4. Favors
  5. Gobert
Post your favorite theoretical lineups below!

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