Replacements for Hayward

Now this is all theoretical talk, and theoretically, if Hayward DOES ask for too much $$$ what do the Jazz do? Who would be able to replace him?

Lets start with some simple ones first

Resign him

There is always a choice of just paying the max contract. However, this could harm the Jazz going forward, we don't want another AK-47 issue. I don't think he's good enough to deserve Max, but i think 10Mil/Year would be a good offer. He's a good player, just not great.

Rodney Hood

He was pretty good at the college level, but can he perform in the NBA? Most say yes, but is he really good enough to replace Hayward? Perhaps in the future, but i doubt this will happen anytime soon. The good thing about this happening is that he'll be getting heaps of game time as a rook, which is always good for development.

Marvin Williams

Williams is not going to be paid a lot, making him cap friendly. And in case you've forgotten, Williams used to play SF until Corbin decide to go with the 'veteran movement' last year so he could slot Marv and RJ in the starting lineup. This is definitely a valid option, although Marvin may not be as good at Hayward, he'll bring plenty of experience and such to the team. Personally though, i would prefer Hood to start if this happens.

Now lets talk about other scenarios, involving FA from other teams and trades

Jeff Green

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Hayward's stats are eerily similar to those of Greens (for 2013-14 season).

JG: 16.9PPG (41.2FG, 34.1 3PT, 79.5FT) 1.7AST, 4.6RPG,0.7SPG, 0.6BPG, 2TOPG in 34.2 minutes

G-Time: 16.2ppg(41.3%FG , 30.4% 3PT, 81.6% FT), 5.2APG, 5.1RPG, 1.4SPG, 0.5BPG, 2.8TOPG, 36.4MIN/Game

Obviously, Haywards stats look fractionally better. But they're basically the same. So why not sign and trade Hayward for Green if Hayward wants too much? Green is earning about 9mil/year, so that would be a decrease if Hayward wants a Max (or close to Max).

Chandler Parsons

He's going to be a RFA, but if Houston get their man (Melo, James?) they'll let Parsons walk. I'm not sure how much teams are willing to pay for Parsons, but if the contract is below Haywards, why not? He impressed me during the season by scorching up numerous teams.

Statline (13-14): 16.6PPG (47.2FG%, 37 3PT%, 74.2 FT%) 4.0APG, 5.5RPG, 1.2SPG, 0.4BPG, 1.9TOPG in 37.6Mins

He's basically a better shooter, and his stats are also quite similar to Hayward. So if Hayward does walk, he'll be another great/similar replacement.

Even though Jeff Green and Parsons stats might not be as impressive as Haywards (though extremely similar), you have to remember they're not the focal points of their offense, whilst Hayward was, allowing him to do more and pad his stats. This is especially the case for Parsons, being surrounded by famous ballhogger and flopper James Harden.

Basically, i've just stated some similar replacements to Hayward, nothing too outrageous(like Bron and Melo), and this is all in theory. But who would you rather have? Vote below or comment for others

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