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The Downbeat # 1371: Smokescreens and Other Things

The Downbeat # 1371: Smokescreens and Other Things

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Utah! according to @utahjazz here are the guys that will be in town on Thursday.

Draft Express Links and Profiles

Deonte Burton #47

Jordan Clarkson #45

Sean Kilpatrick #88

Alex Kirk #89

Artem Klimenko #37

Nick Wiggins (Out of top 100)

Some of these guys the Jazz really want to look at for the 35th spot Burton, Clarkson, Klimenko. I would imagine that others are being brought in as a favor to another team, or coach, or as something that has been done as a favor for the Jazz in the past. Speaking of favors, boy did Jim Boylen fall out of the picture rather quickly.

According to Jody Genessy, Jim Boylen is, "No longer up for the Jazz coaching position."


Boylen, a friend of Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey, is no longer in the running to replace Tyrone Corbin as Utah's bench boss, according to multiple sources.

I understand that DL and Boylen are friends, and that many people did not want this to happen. I am also sure that there may have been some legitimate interest in the beginning, but the way that things played out, it seems like this was more of smokescreen than an actual possibility. Even more so now that there is a mystery coach that the Jazz are looking at. I love the fact that the Jazz are "playing" the game within the game of finding a new coach. Keep some prospects close to their chest, and showing their "supposed" hands to others. My vote is for Snyder unless "Mystery Coach" is God... I mean

Draft Party, as if there was any doubt. From the @utahjazz twitter account.

It's like Christmas in June or however that goes. Luckily this falls on my ten year anniversary and the first night of a family reunion in Idaho. (Insert Sarcastic Font) This will be the second straight year that I have missed the draft party after eight or so straight appearances. I think it is the fun of the unknown, and the chance that someone in front of us totally messes up... here is looking at you Cleveland.  I also love the squirmy look that @jimborudding gets on his face when I make him get a picture with the Utah Jazz Dancers.  What is your favorite part of the Draft Party?

Take this for what it is worth.

Who do you think the previously mentioned "Mystery Coach" is? Comment section.