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Utah Jazz Head Coach Quin Snyder introductory Press Conference (LIVE!)

Check it out here!

Billy Lea

The Utah Jazz have a new head coach, and it's former Atlanta Hawks assistant coach Quin Snyder. Coach Snyder has done more than just be an assistant coach for the Hawks, after all. He was a point guard for the Duke Blue Devils under coach Mike Krzyzewski (man, I'm glad I'm not a Duke bball blogger, that name is tough), and played in the NCAA Final Four in three out of his four seasons there. While he's a JD / MBA guy, a smart guy, we don't know if he was going to work for IBM or not. We do know that he has been the assistant coach with the Los Angeles Clippers, Duke, the Philadelphia 76ers (player development), the Los Angeles Lakers, CSKA Moscow, and the Hawks. He was also the head coach of the Missouri Tigers.

He has experience and has bounced around a lot.

Now catch his presser here live!