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NBA Finals 2014: San Antonio Spurs look to hold serve, go up 2-0 on Miami Heat

It was the humidity in game one, not the Heat . . .

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs are looking for a win tonight in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat are looking to even the score 1-1 and 'break their serve'. If the game is going to be as exciting as Game 1 was, fans are in for a treat. Last week I was on the Phil Naessen's show again, and I predicted that the Heat would win in 5 games. That was based upon a) the question mark around Tony Parker 's health, b) the fact that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were just rolling, and c) that I thought the NBA Finals was still 2 - 3 - 2 in format. The Spurs are in the driver's seat right now, especially with LeBron James cramped up.

An All-Time legacy performance in Game 2 could change the tide of this series, will we get that LeBron James tonight?

Or will Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and the rest stomp on the injured Heat?

It's going to be a fun game. I hope the air conditioning works.

The game starts in about 100 minutes, on ABC.