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The Downbeat #1374 - The Cautiously Optimistic Edition

Maddie Meyer

This morning, Coach Snyder (weird, huh?) was on local sports talk radio with DJ & PK. Right out of the gate, David James asked Coach about Aaron Gordon's workout over the weekend. Snyder was expectantly tight lipped (he learns quickly), but the interesting answer came in regards to his level of involvement in the selection process. To paraphrase, he stated that one of the best aspects of the Jazz FO is that no decision is unilateral (again, this guy is sharp), and that his opinion will be taken into account -- followed immediately by his admission that scouting isn't his area of expertise and that he trusts DL, Walt Perrin, et al, to pick the right guy.

There is likely to be two kinds of reactions to this information. One, will be the question as to why the Jazz would hire a coach that can't scout. Two, will be the sigh of relief as the Jazz don't give the final say to a guy that will have been with the organization for 19 days before the draft. The other option to consider is this: a good leader knows their strengths and weaknesses and trusts that together, the brain trust can make the right decision. Hopefully this is how the coaching staff will operate in-game.

Ian Clark, Rudy Gobert, and Trey Burke are all in Santa Barbara, training at P3, where Ian Clark is participating in a top secret player enhancer program. Gordon Hayward previously went through this program.

The latest mock draft from Draft Express (updated this morning), has the Jazz passing on Dante Exum and taking Noah Vonleh. Discuss.

Tonight NBATV airs their documentary The 84 Draft. As a primer, they have this Interactive Draft Board, that is pretty cool.

As I'm sure you all know, the 84 draft is important in Jazz history because John Stockton was drafted at #16. Yesterday afternoon they showed a "Pop-up video" style airing of the draft, which was fun. If you watch, pay attention to the reaction, even in New York, when the Jazz draft Stock. The people at the event are shocked, and you can hear it clearly.

According to Marc Stein, the Knicks and Derek Fisher is a done deal. I'm glad I'm a Jazz Fan.

Having said that, you have to feel for Knicks fans. They deserve a little bit of hope and optimism.