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Summer League 2014: Kyrylo Fesenko throws down a 180 windmill dunk in Minnesota Timberwolves team scrimmage

It is the time for the basketball.

Mike Ehrmann

Utah Jazz fans love Kyrylo Fesenko . And I hope he knows that. Right now he's making his way back to the NBA after a few injury plagued years in Europe and had a nice comeback in the NBA-DL, after stints with the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls. As a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves Summer League team he had a massive 21 points last night, in their internal scrimmage. And let's face it, he's a huge guy who can do good things on the court when focused and in the right system.

I'm going to just shut up now, and post the video of his 180, windmill dunk.


If that video isn't working in your browser, try Chrome (it works fine in it), or go to the direct link from this tweet:

.....aaaaand, Basketball John comes through in the clutch.