Jazz Scrimage

I'm not sure how many dunkers were at the scrimmage so I will post my thoughts and others can add on. I got to the ESA about 20 minutes prior to the doors opening and we could only find a space in line all the way out to the street. Nice turn out for a scrimmage. I'd estimate around 8,000 fans. The lower bowl was pretty much full even though not every seat was taken. It was very nice for the Jazz to provide a Hood/Exum t-shirt to all the fans even though they were only passing out a large adult size shirt.

Coach Quinn got a loud ovation when he came onto the court. D-Favs was in the crowd and got a loud ovation as well. Quinn pointed Derrick out as an example of a veteran who showed up to camp to support his team. Quinn talked to the crowd before the scrimmage and in between quarters. The Jazz played 3 eight minute quarters with a running clock. I didn't catch everything Coach said, however, it was basically this: push the ball in transition, running doesn't mean taking fast/bad shots, the Jazz will run a motion offense with a lot of movement and passing, the coaching staff will point out players mistakes when they come off the floor and if you don't play defense, you won't see the court.

The Jazz were alternating between one post player and two post player sets. The two post player sets were mid post with back door cuts. Lots of swinging the ball from side to side with pick and rolls, cuts, back doors etc. Lets make this clear, this is no Corbin run practice or scrimmage. Coaches highly involved talking to the players and participating in drills prior to the game. Coach Snyder indicated that he likes the fact that his staff can get out there on the floor with the players.

Negatives-most of the players looked tired from two a days and the shooting wasn't the best. At times the execution was pretty poor. Trey and Dante looked the most winded from camp as they were bent over at the knees a lot of times between playing. Dante didn't shoot the ball very well at all, I know he missed both of his foul shots and most if not all of his jumpers. Trey was missing most of his outside shots as well. As Trey and Dante had the ball in their hands a lot they probably put the most miles on the floor in camp. Coach Snyder indicated that his system is in the infancy stage. He stated that while winning was important, playing the right way, supporting each other and playing together as well as playing defense was more important at this point.

Positives-Rodney Hood looked great hitting from the outside and from the inside. I thought it was interesting that Coach Snyder mentioned during one of the breaks that he had to get on Rodney to shoot it because he was passing up shots. Seems like Rodney has the green light for Summer League. He looks more athletic in person than what I saw on film. Trey looks much thinner than what I remember from last year. He did get burned for a lay-up....bad, Trey, really bad.

Dante got pulled a minute or two into the game and had to talk to the coaches before coming back in a minute or so after being taken out. Dante looks smooth, he made a number of nice passes to open players for baskets. so long. The Jazz actually have someone taller on the SL roster. Rudy rebounded the ball pretty well and had a nice block. Ian Clark had some nice plays. I think he will like the new offense this year and Malcolm Thomas had some nice moves around the basket.

Here is what I liked best about the scrimmage. Dante, Trey, Hood, Thomas and Gobert all played on the same White Team and they won. I can't tell you how many times I have went to scrimmages only to see the guys you want to watch split up between teams. How refreshing to see them all together!

Dante is raw, and young, although it seems like he can get by anyone guarding him much in the way Kobe used to do when he was younger. I wrote previous fan post about expectations for Dante in the future. I didn't see anything in the scrimmage that makes me think he is time table should be moved up or that he is ready to start right away. Having said that it's hard to gauge how much two a days played a part in his overall play tonight.

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