Who Keeps Making This Stupid Mistake? Lindsey, O'Connor, the Miller's?

I'm going to do this quick.

jazz made a stupid mistake in not predicting the market for Gordon Hayward. All the information was out there: the estimated cap, the number of free agent wings, estimates of caps space other teams would have, Gordon Hayward's post US team buzz, GH's agents intentions, and most importantly, the Paul George comp. If theJazz FO had evaluated this information correctly, they would have given Hayward the 13/4 that it has often been reported he wanted. It is possible that this number and what the Jazz offered is incorrect, but I think when you have all the information, this number makes a lot of sense.

But Buffant Puffydoo, you are saying: it's easy to say in hindsight that the jazz could have used this information to come up with the correct offer, but that doesn't mean they could have done it back then, in the chaos of battle.

To this I say to you: BS. It is their job to correctly predict Hayward's market, and predicting that did not rocket science. To prove this: here is a guy, who lives in Portugal of all places, who did exactly what the jazz should have done. He looked at all the information, made simple logical deductions and KICKED LINDSEY'S ASS. In October 2013. Had he been GM the jazz would be in way better shape now.

The guys name is Nunuo Sa. Read what he wrote and see what kind of thinking the jazz should have been doing. It is short and non-technical.


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