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NBA Summer League 2014: Utah Jazz open practice pictures and videos -- Submit your own

Jazz fans are great, and they are stepping up bigtime with their amazing OC.

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NBA Summer League 2014: Utah Jazz Roster -- Jazz Schedule -- Things to watch

Last night the Jazz held an open practice for the fans, and they really came out in full force. The Delta Center EnergySolutions Arena was half full for a practice . . . a practice that didn't even involve the Utah Jazz team. This was for their summer league roster. I get that we're so starved for basketball, as we've missed the playoffs quite a few times over the last few seasons. But it was really special to see this much enthusiasm for summer league. Also, let's not forget that if the Jazz were still holding lots of grudges and avoiding Vegas, this never would have happened. They would already be playing in Orlando right now. Thank you so much Dennis Lindsey for changing the way our stodgy old Jazz brass have been doing things.

Many fans have been tweeting, instagramming, vineing, facebooking, and over all just sharing their experience online. If you have, post a link to it in the comments section and I will put it up here for all of us to see!

One fan, meworkingman, uploaded a nice number of videos to youtube from the event. Check them out here! I'm going to post two of them here, they are of 1st and 2nd quarter action!

This is really a Jazz team fans want to watch. I mean, duh. It's got Trey Burke, Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, Rudy Gobert, and Ian Clark on it. And with how crazy we're all getting now, in July, just imagine how much more excited we'll be for the season to start when it's September!

It's going to be a fun season! And if you have stuff you'd like to share with the class, post a link to it below!