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Utah Jazz Social Media Sunday: Jazz take over Vegas, Gordon's contract, and more

Another week, another bunch of stuff to sort through!

Jonathan Daniel

Another week is about to start, so let's recap what happened in Utah Jazz -land in social media!

Former One-man-fast-break, Dee Brown , has a daughter who is being taught at a young age how to play like Derek Fisher .


On the other end of the spectrum, John Stockton 's daughter is, to her north west roots, into Grunge.


Bigman Kyrylo Fesenko has a . . . bruise?

The bruise is probably a product of making fun of his . . . uh . . . Grandma's glasses, I'm thinking?


Gordon Hayward signed for big money. P3 posted a pic of him jumping for joy!

Gordon Hayward 's wife is apparently using the same wardrobe as the cast of the late 90s TV show "Martin".

They got money now! They can spend!

As for his contract, Mark Eaton had this to add:


How about this great pick of Trey Burke and Ian Clark on their way to Vegas?

Or, alternatively, Burke's "weed" socks?


Frenchman Rudy Gobert knows a thing or two about Tour Eiffels and Montolfier balloons . . . was still impressed.


Someone needs to help C.J. Miles with his grocery shopping. I'm not mad. I just think there needs to be, like, some meats and veggies in there.


We haven't mentioned Steve Novak in a while . . . so here's a great original art piece of him by you know who . . .


Andrei Kirilenko's kid is having like the craziest summer ever. So his family sends him off to camp.

Kid is tall, by the way

And then his dad opens up a Hooters, in Moscow.


Here John Lucas III breaks it all down:

Morris Almond has a different perspective:

But Mamma Burke explains that's really important to us fans right now::


And yes, today is Dante Exum's birthday, so we have to show this again.