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FIBA World Cup 2014: USA Basketball selects Gordon Hayward for Nation Team Training

One of the C4 made it! Start the celebrations!

"So I asks 'em, be honest son, are you teh noobz0r or are you a man?"
"So I asks 'em, be honest son, are you teh noobz0r or are you a man?"

USA Basketball's brain trust has the toughest, most enviable, job in the world. In preparation for the FIBA World Cup 2014 this year they get to select 12 of the best players in the world to play on their team. From almost the entire pool of NBA players they have their normative pool of stars, all-stars, legends, and up and comers that they have their eyes on. The roster size for Spain is 12, and they have parsed down their pool into 19 players. On of which is the Utah Jazz highest paid player,Gordon Hayward .

If we are going by my roster theory, it seems like USA BBALL will go with at least 4 full time bigs and 3 full time ball handlers. That leaves the rest of the team to be filled out with five wing players. I figure they cheat and use Kevin Durant as one of the wings, so he can fill in as a 5th big if need be. They may also use one of the wing spots for a combo guard, so they can get a freebie 4th ball handler as well, someone like a James Harden.

So for me this means there are now three wing spots available. Can Gordon Hayward make the cut?

Here's the roster:

1 Stephen Curry 1 1 6 3 185 Davidson Golden State Warriors
2 Kyrie Irving 1 1 6 3 191 Duke Cleveland Cavaliers
3 Damian Lillard 1 6 3 195 Weber St Portland Trail Blazers
4 Derrick Rose 1 6 3 190 Memphis Chicago Bulls
5 Kevin Durant 1 1 1 6 9 230 Texas Oklahoma City Thunder
6 James Harden 1 6 5 220 Arizona St Houston Rockets
7 Paul George 1 1 1 6 8 221 Fresno St Indiana Pacers
8 Gordon Hayward 1 1 6 8 210 Butler Utah Jazz
9 DeMar DeRozan 1 1 6 7 216 USC Toronto Raptors
10 Kyle Korver 1 1 6 7 212 Creighton Atlanta Hawks
11 Chandler Parsons 1 1 6 9 227 Florida Dallas Mavericks
12 Klay Thompson 1 1 6 7 205 Washington St Golden State Warriors
13 Bradley Beal 1 6 5 207 Florida Washington Wizards
14 Anthony Davis 1 1 6 10 220 Kentucky New Orleans Pelicans
15 Kevin Love 1 1 6 10 260 UCLA Minnesota Timberwolves
16 Blake Griffin 1 6 10 251 Oklahoma Los Angeles Clippers
17 Andre Drummond 1 1 6 10 270 UCONN Detroit Pistons
18 DeMarcus Cousins 1 1 6 11 270 Kentucky Sacramento Kings
19 Kenneth Faried 1 1 6 8 228 Morehead St Denver Nuggets

What do you think? I think Paul George is in, because he just is. And Kyle Korver is in because he's the best floor spacer and adequate defender. So that means that Gordo has one more spot to fight for, against the likes of DeMar DeRozan, Chandler Parsons, Klay Thompson, and Bradley Beal.

It's hard to make a 'dream team'. And it will be a dream if Gordon makes it, and validates the whole 2,000 mins per year thing I've been talking about for 4 years. But it is an honor just to make it this far.

Hope he does, it'll give us Jazz fans another thing to obsess over during this off-season.

And good luck Gordon, you have the talent to make this team. We believe in you!