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Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs share plenty in common, except for the rings.

The amazing J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock and I get down to talking about the links between our franchises!


Most of us here know by now that a) The San Antonio Spurs are really really good, and b) they give a lot of credit back to the Utah Jazz and how our franchise ran things for building the foundation for their future successes. Dennis Lindsey used to work in their front office and is now our General Manager. Scott Layden used to work in our front office and is now an assistant in theirs. Quin Snyder used to run their NBA-DL team (the Austin Toros), and now will be running our NBA-DL team, er wait, I mean our NBA team the Jazz. Sorry, the team looked like a D-League team on defense.

Bad,hurtful, "just get over it Amar!" jokes aside, it's clear that these two small market franchises -- old Midwest Division Rivals -- do have plenty of old and new connections that tie us together.

J.R. Wilco, the main man at Pounding the Rock, decided to get this ball rolling and start this convo. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Before this love fest gets totally out of hand, I do feel obligated to also present this double-flop before moving on.

Anyway, if there's a team you want to learn from it's the Spurs. We were first the teacher, and then they became the master. Let's all be students here and ask questions!