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NBA Summer League 2014: Las Vegas Day Elite Eight preview

This is still going on, be excited!

"Don't worry Trey, I got this."
"Don't worry Trey, I got this."
Kevin C. Cox

Okay, so last night the consolation round happened and the Utah Jazz defeated the Portland Trail Blazers. (recap here!) We're happy about that. There were some other games that also happened:

  • Dallas beat Phoenix 88-62 -- Ricky Ledo had 9 assists? What?
  • Milwaukee beat Golden State 79-74 -- Jabari Parker had 20 and 15
  • Toronto beat the Los Angeles Clippers 64-60 -- DeAndre Daniels had 15 and 14
  • Los Angeles Lakers beat Denver 83-77 -- Kevin Murphy had 14, yes, our Kevin Murphy
  • The NBA DL Select team beat Philadelphia 91-87 -- IN OVERTIME
  • Minnesota beat New Orleans 97-78 -- Zach LaVine had 22 points
  • and Cleveland beat Miami 95-90 -- which is like insult over injury at this stage.

There are four games today:


But really, you're not going to watch unless you dished out the $4.99 to the NBA for the rights to watch it. And isn't it all meaningless if Dante Exum and Rudy Gobert aren't playing? Like, do those games even count? I don't think so.

No, no, no. You guys have fun with your exhibition game or whatever.

Don't worry about me.

I'm not depressed that there are no Jazz games to watch anymore. No, not me . . . not me . . .