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Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone is 51 years old today! Happy Birthday Mailman!

Happy Birthday Karl Malone, from us, and from the rest of social media!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARL MALONE ! Karl Malone is the best. 2nd most point of all-time. We know that. A billion awards, like Gold Medals, MVPS, All-NBA teams, All-Star teams. That's common knowledge. Greatest power forward of all time? Only heretics disagree. IF there was no Frank Layden and no Karl Malone there would be no AllThatAmar being a Utah Jazz fan. And, man, so much less content at this site instead.

Thank you Karl, while a generation of kids grew up to want to be like Mike, you made so many of us want to work hard, be humble, and mumble to ourselves as we shot free throws in our drive way.

Let's see how social media is reacting!

(This will be updated throughout the day)

Hall of Fame on the court, and off of it. We hope you have a great day today!