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Utah Jazz Downbeat #1417- More Team USA

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As Amar mentioned yesterday, Jazz news is still showing up during this offseason. August usually starts the two month long lull until training camp convenes, but with Team USA prepping for FIBA World Cup action, we're getting news about Jazzman Gordon Hayward and former Jazzmen Kyle Korver and Paul Millsap.

This is the back of Hayward's head:

Coach K is all, "Hayward, please don't play Clash of Clans during orientation." He's sitting next to Korver (on his right) and I believe KD (on his left):

So what are the chances Hayward makes the squad?'s John Schuhmann breaks down how he thinks players will be slotted in training camp:

Hayward could actually play 2/3/4 in International ball, so that might help him edge out Korver or Parsons

This morning Tom Ziller (one of my favorites) wrote about which lottery teams have NOT improved thus far in the offseason, based on their trades/signings/draft. The Jazz did NOT make the list, and here's how they improved from Ziller's stream of conscious list:

UTAH: Dante Exum! And they kept Gordon Hayward.

The offseason evaluations continue as Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney of SI, take a look at the big winners this offseason. In their response to "Which player scored the best contract considering his abilities?" Golliver says:

Gordon Hayward. The Utah wing was a big winner by virtually any standard.

He continues:

The restricted free agency process can be unpredictable, and yet Hayward still found a way to get big money early in the summer, guaranteeing a strong pay day. Clearly, Hayward's agent more than earned his commission.

Last week I mentioned the situation with Josh Huestis in OKC. Not long after Tom Ziller weighed in on the issue with his article "NBA should stop Thunder from denying rookie his full pay" Essentially Ziller says that it isn't necessarily against rules, but their deal violates the intent of the rookie scale.

Zach Lowe had a different take in his article titled "The Great Huestis experiment: Oklahoma City's gamble and the future of late first-round picks"

I highly recommend both articles and the biggest question that remains is why OKC didn't just trade or sell the pick on draft night?