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FIBA World Cup 2014: Utah Jazz look to have some representation, but which nations are the most patriotic?

The governing body has accepted pros since 1992. Let's see which Utah Jazz players have played for their homelands!

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The FIBA World Cup 2014 is happening late next month. For Utah Jazz fans we will get a chance to see Dante Exum do his thing for Australia. Most likely we will also see Rudy Gobert block some shots for France, Raul Neto make some passes for Brazil -- and maybe even see Paul Millsap or Gordon Hayward represent the stars and stripes as well.

It's going to be a fun summer. But this got me thinking . . . is this going to be the most "robust" Utah Jazz international competition? So I obviously had to look it up.

Event Nation Player Event Nation Player
1 FIBA World Cup 2014 Australia Brock Motum 20 Olympics 2000 Russia Andrei Kirilenko
2 FIBA World Cup 2014 Australia Dante Exum 21 Olympics 2008 Russia Andrei Kirilenko
22 Olympics 2012 Russia Andrei Kirilenko
3 FIBA World Cup 2002 Brazil Rafael Araujo
4 FIBA World Cup 2010 Brazil Raul Togni Neto 23 Olympics 2000 Spain Raul Lopez
5 Olympics 2012 Brazil Raul Togni Neto 24 Olympics 2008 Spain Raul Lopez
6 FIBA World Cup 2014 Brazil * Raul Togni Neto 25 FIBA World Cup 2010 Spain Raul Lopez
7 FIBA World Cup 2010 Croatia Ante Tomic 26 FIBA World Cup 2010 Tunisia Salah Mejri
8 FIBA World Cup 2014 Croatia * Ante Tomic 27 Olympics 2012 Tunisia Salah Mejri
9 FIBA World Cup 2014 France * Rudy Gobert 28 Olympics 1992 United States John Stockton
29 Olympics 1992 United States Karl Malone
10 FIBA World Cup 1990 Puerto Rico Jose Ortiz 30 Olympics 1996 United States John Stockton
11 Olympics 1992 Puerto Rico Jose Ortiz 31 Olympics 1996 United States Karl Malone
12 FIBA World Cup 1994 Puerto Rico Jose Ortiz 32 Olympics 2004 United States Carlos Boozer
13 Olympics 1996 Puerto Rico Jose Ortiz 33 Olympics 2004 United States Richard Jefferson
14 FIBA World Cup 1998 Puerto Rico Jose Ortiz 34 Olympics 2008 United States Carlos Boozer
15 FIBA World Cup 2002 Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo 35 Olympics 2008 United States Deron Williams
16 Olympics 2004 Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo 36 FIBA World Cup 2014 United States * Gordon Hayward
17 Olympics 2004 Puerto Rico Jose Ortiz 37 FIBA World Cup 2014 United States * Paul Millsap
18 FIBA World Cup 2006 Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo
19 FIBA World Cup 2010 Puerto Rico Carlos Arroyo

CRAAAP! I forgot Kyle Korver this year, in the prelim (*) group for USA Basketball.

A side note is that, yeah, while we've had Mehmet Okur and Enes Kanter on our squad -- they really didn't play for Turkey ever except as a junior or in EuroBasket. (Which seems like a money thing because Turkish Airlines is a sponsor.) Even Salah has played for his nation on bigger stages.

Anyway, any surprises? The P.R. people come to represent for sure. We have basketball to watch, no matter what flags they play under, these guys are all Jazzmen for life. Yeah, even Boozer. He's our inside man trying to take the Lakers down from their starting lineup.