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Prediction: Utah Jazz Forward Gordon Hayward Makes Team USA The Downbeat #1418

MyLo makes bold predictions.

Gordon Hayward is going to be a slam dunk at FIBA play this summer.
Gordon Hayward is going to be a slam dunk at FIBA play this summer.
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward has been in the news a lot this summer whether it has been because of his OMG LOOK AT DAT CONTRACT DOE near max contract or his inclusion on the USA team before it makes its final cut.  Both have been overshadowed by his less than subpar 2013-2014 campaign as the go to player for the Utah Jazz.  Gordon Hayward has every right to be questioned as to whether he can live up to the billing of a near max player and if he can even be considered to be part of the final USA team.  So here am I, MyLo, making a bold prediction.  Hayward's contract will be considered a bargain by the end of this year and he will make the USA team.  WAIT?  What?  MyLo is predicting WUT?

Hayward's entire college and professional career has predictably had its ups and downs.  No lie.  I mean check this thing out.

Think his professional stat line is a fluke?  Look at his college.

Since college Gordon's shooting percentages fall in odd years and rise in even years.  What is this year?  An even year.  Does it make any sense whatsoever and probably has a lot to do with outside influences?  Most likely, but it's an even year.

As for those outside influences, this even year includes a new head coach who wants to speed up the tempo of the team, Utah has two extremely skilled ball handlers (Burke and Exum) who will make life easier on Gordon, and Burks is finally rescued from basketball GET BETTER WHILE WATCHING FROM THE BENCH purgatory.   Gordon will have a really good year and benefit by the boost of confidence he's receiving from Team USA's coaching staff and a coach that is confident in his system rather than banking on the system of his predecessor.

Gordon Hayward will make Team USA.  But, but, there's Chandler Parsons and Paul George and Harden, but but but.  Shut up.  He's making it.  Why?  Because he's a proven Olympian.  Wait.  What?  Gordon Hayward is a proven Olympian?  Why yes he is.  In 2009 he was a surprise selection for the under 19 USA Basketball Junior squad.  That team played in Auckland, New Zealand where Gordon Hayward averaged 10 points and 5.7 rebounds a game.  In addition he was selected to the "All-Star Five" which names the best 5 performers of the tournament.

Gordon Hayward's game is suited for the international game.  Much like how Andrei Kirilenko excels in FIBA because he can play that point forward position Gordon Hayward excels.  Gordon Hayward's court vision, passing, handle for his size, and shooting will edge him over his Team USA competition of Chandler Parsons and others.

[Editors' Note:  This is my calling out of Chris Sheridan's one trick pony of comparing "white guy" to "white guy" of Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons.  In such a community of basketball which is multi-national and to have a well known sports writer go out on a limb to brand a competition a small forward as the competition between white guys is ridiculous.  Let's call it for what it is.  Two extremely talented basketball players who have the skills to be selected for consideration for the Team USA squad.  They weren't selected because there was a quota on a certain skin color.  It's offensive for any other race, it's offensive here.  Up your intelligence on racial issues.  Write about basketball, give up on the ignorant "white guy good at basketball" jokes.

From Chris Sheridan we get amazing writing like this:

"So while white men can't jump, they certainly can jump in pay."

Pardon me for stating the obvious, but there appears to be a "three white guys battle" for one spot.

*Slow clap for setting the world back 30 years*. ]

Gordon Hayward is also a champion in international play.  His USA team won that Under-19 Championship with him being one of the stand out performers.  Gordon Hayward belongs in that setting and he will excel.  Coach K has respected Gordon Hayward ever since Butler's magical tournament run.  Butler's tournament run wasn't even so magical when you look at in retrospect.  They just had a lot of dang good NBA players and a soon to be NBA head coach.

Extra, extra, extra, Gordon Hayward is good in transition.  Who knew?  A guy who excels in international ball, excelled at it in college, and in Team USA practices played a high tempo is good in transition?  If only there was more statistical evidence for it!

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