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Pay Gordon Hayward the Max and Move On -- The Downbeat #1395


There were a ton of reports yesterday that Gordon Hayward was going to get the max offer (63.4 Million)  from the Cleveland Cavaliers and that the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics were also interested. Then, later in the day, a lot of those reports were said to be "greatly exaggerated."

.Pay him the max and lets move on.

It's hard not to get caught up in salaries, cap space, max contracts etc during free agency. With greater access and more information, comes more discussion and the NBA landscape will continue to be looked at in this way. The NBA world that we live in now is much different than it was 15- 20 years ago. Remember the 99 lockout ... we knew it happened and we hated it, but we had no idea why it happened. Compare that with the most recent lockout, when we knew exactly where teams, players, and owners were. \

Evan Hall captures my sentiment much more poetic and organized than I can put it So....

It's the growing up of the sport, really. What we as children thought about as a complex game, one ruled by all sorts of mystical forces like heart and desire and destiny and self-belief, has maintained and even expounded its own complexity at the loss of its very nature as a game. Now, we've traded in the language of the child, the mystery and poetry, for the language of the accounting firm. As a child, you lie awake in bed in awe at the overwhelming aesthetics of a gorgeous film until you fall asleep. As an adult, you turn off the DVD player only to walk over to your desk to pore over bank statements.

.The entire article is spot on. Thanks for sharing Evan via Vice Sports.

Utah Jazz: Best Players By Position Of The Modern Era

If you had to pick a starting five consisting of only Utah Jazz players ,who would you start? I know we had the entire mount Rushmore thing a few months back, but this a full team. There is plenty of room for debate on this one.

Phil picks John Stockton, Karl Malone, Adrian Dantley, Al Jefferson, and Jeff Hornacek.

I go with Stock, Karl, Paul Millsap, Horny, and Mehmet Okur

Who do you have?

Kent Bazemore .

.This is one of "In Dennis we Trust" rumors.  He was a defensive player of the year in 2011 (at Old Dominion), which may be sparking some of the interest. I don't see this happening and if it does happen, I don't see a lot of playing time for the young kid. He is coming off an injury and we are pretty guard heavy right now.  However, he may be used in specific situations to help the defensive side of the ball, or to help other players improve defensively and be used so our starters practice against better defenders.

The Open Scrimmage has been announced.

Q&A, Rookies dancing, small commercial spots, and a first peek of the new guys in person. Oh and it's free.