How Hayward's stats line up.

I've read multiple articles stating how "Hayward should be offered max from Jazz" or "Jazz should match Hayward offer, if not a max deal" And so being the curios person I am, I decided to investigate myself.

I began by going off of what everyone was saying "Hayward is one of 5 players this year to average 15 pts/game, 5 asts/game, and 5 rebs/game" and I thought this was interesting especially at such a young age, so I looked into it, except with a couple a changes, instead I made the company from every year since 1980, and made everything per 36 minutes.


And the players had to player forward/guard, and had to be in his 3rd-5th year (I didn't want to compare his feat to something someone accomplished in his 2nd year), he ended up with some pretty elite company.


Only 10 players were on the list, however many made it more than once, and half are hall-of-famers (Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, and Magic Johnson), while, Lebron James and Grant Hill are staring it down, and Ron Harper is waiting patiently at the front door. This leaves two more players, with the rest of their career to determine how well they do: Gordon Hayward and Andre Igoudala.


On the first stat from the guys, Hayward placed 4th in FT%, which is huge against this type of elite company, the three who placed above him were: 3rd year, 25 year old Larry Bird, 5th Year, 25 year old Michael Jordan, and 3rd year, 23 year old, 3rd year Andre Igoudala (surprised me).


When I moved into the second stat, I was more thoroughly surprised by Hayward's performances. He placed 6th in 3 point shooting, behind all three of the youngster Lebrons, 3rd year, 23 year old Andre Igoudala (Again), and 4th year, 25 year old, Scottie Pippen. Hayward beat some of the most intriguing youngster legends here.



The next stats were dissapointing, as it showed his shooting percentages dipped far below some of these hall-of-famers, just proving his inconsistency, and bringing forth his biggest flaw.




He continued to rest at the bottom of the pack in points(although he did be the young Pippen), rebounds, and assists, some of the most important stats.



But he finally lead the pack of these young future-assassins in (least) TO's, and was 3rd in (least) fouls.

The only other useful stat (I didn't screenshot) about Hayward was that he took the third most 3-point attepts, and also made the third most.

Next in the hunt to discover whether he is worth a max was how he compared to the youngsters I believed are his counterparts: Andre Igoudala, Grant Hill, Jeff Hornacek, Manu Ginobli, and Scottie Pippen. All in their 3rd or 4th year respectively, and he ended up comparing to these players much better.




To begin with percentages, Hayward was below the pack. His lack of consistency and his poor shooting saw him at the bottom in regular FG% (by a long ways) and 2pt%. But his 3pt Shooting was around average, beating Grant Hill, and Scottie Pippen. But while shooting consistently seemed to be a problem, everything else he kept to par with these guys, so if there is one thing I could ask the basketball gods for, it'd be Hayward to grow much more in consistent shooting over the summer.


As we continued into points per 36, Hayward once again fell into the middle of the pack, leading Pippen and Hornacek, and proving that he belongs in this group of players.



Hayward once again led the pack in least fouls, and was in the top half of least T/O's. This i feel proves his strength in being able to control the game, and not lose possesion/control.


Once again young players are notorious for lacking strong free-throw shooting, but that was not a problem for Hayward this year, as he was able to keep up with the top dogs in this category.



Finally, Hayward ended in the middle of the pack once again in Rebounds and Assists, drawing even with some of these top-tier players. I really believe that, while Hayward may not be the next Lebron, he sure compares to some of the best wing-men, and if the Jazz can grab a star (or one of the young guys developes into one), he will be at their side in the one-two punch, serving as the "Pippen, or Ginobli, or Hornacek" to the "Jordan, or Duncan, or Stockton/Malone"

Any ways, I wanna know what you guys think of the stats above.

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