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Utah Jazz Social Media Sunday: Rookies Dante Exum and Rodney Hood headline new regular feature

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This is new feature (mainly because I felt like I was cheating in my Saturday downbeats (which for some reason started being posted on Sunday) by putting in so many pictures and videos and stuff). I am going to try to collect the week's worth of Utah Jazz social media stuff -- from tweets, to pictures, to videos, to, whatever it is you monsters want! (Just tell me!)

Let's start things off with former Jazz bigman Mehmet Okur and wife Yeliz eating a renowned restaurant "Horse-Horse."

Lookin' good Memo!

Next up Bryon Russell 's wife is pretty excited that their son is a ranked high school shooting guard. Heck, I'm excited too!

Good luck Brandon Russell!

Former Jazz big / off-duty police officer Olden Polynice met Cal Ripken!

Let's talk about that chain, though . . .

If you read Moni's site (and you all should daily), you'd know that Dante Exum and Rodney Hood got to throw out first pitches at the Salt Lake Bee's game. Hood is on target.

Exum will have to un-learn all those years of playing cricket before he gets there.

Thanks to Basketball John for the Exum pitch, via your twitter @5kl

Raul Neto, who looks to have made the Brazilian National Team, went out for dinner with the guys.

They look hungry for . . . more . . . or something. I don't work in PR. I hope they do well at FIBA though. Here's a more normal picture of the squad.

I'd root for you guys, but you have the same national color scheme as my most hated nation on earth.

New Indiana Pacers guard C.J. Miles is already working out

But his diet needs some work.


Andrei Kirilenko 's son is going off to basketball camp. I am certain that he is already better than me.

If he is really AK-47's son you know that in his luggage is his desktop gaming computer.

Last, but not least, Dante is a star in many languages.

His draft night was slightly busier than mine.

Hope you guys liked this type of thing -- over the next few weeks we'll get more variety of content here -- Vines, and the like. If you don't like this, uh, I'm sorry.

Anyway . . .