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Ex Utah Jazz Coach Lands On His Feet: The Downbeat #1399

Corbin finds new landing spot, Summer League is soon, and we'll miss you Jarnell Stokes.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrone Corbin is the new King of Sacramento.  Excuse me, he was hired by the Sacramento Kings as an assistant coach.

Kings to hire Ty Corbin as lead assistant coach - Kings Blog - The Sacramento Bee

The Kings have reached an agreement to hire former Utah head coach Ty Corbin as the lead assistant on head coach Michael Malone’s staff a league source confirmed. Malone was looking for a coach with head coaching experience to help on the staff. Corbin learned under the legendary Sloan beginning in 2004 before taking over after Sloan resigned during his final season as Utah coach.

While I never would wish ill on anybody, this could be a good move by Sacramento.  If the reports of Tyrone Corbin holding a locker room together are true then never will Corbin's talents be put to the test more than in Sacramento.  Sacramento has been a laughing stock for the past few years.  The main issue with Sacramento is it has a lot of ball dominant players such as Cousins, Gay, and Thomas.  Maybe with his talents being used as an assistant coach, Tyrone Corbin can return to his strengths rather than be overwhelmed by his weaknesses.

Gordon Hayward is being courted by a lot of teams and somehow becoming the laughingstock of the NBA for being a top tier prospect.

Don't get me wrong, as jokester myself I understand that some of these throwaway jokes are in jest.  But these teams that are begging for Hayward's services realize how good this kid is.  I'm sorry, but Coach K of Team USA doesn't just throw garbage on that bench hoping it works out.  He was selected to represent the USA team.  Hayward's performance last year speaks more about the coach that was able to bring out some of the very worst in Hayward rather than Hayward himself.  Yes, Hayward is accountable for his bad performance but to get terrible numbers and play from Hayward is a coaching marvel.  A marvel that I don't expect to be repeated any time soon.

Remember that 2nd round draft pick the Jazz traded in a deep draft for a worse one in a weak draft?  That draft pick turned into Jarnell Stokes.  So far in Summer League he's averaging a Paul Millsap-ian 13 ppg, 8 rpg, 1 spg, and 1 bpg.  On Sunday he exploded for 16 points and 12 rebounds.  So ... sigh ... much ... sigh ... Wherefore art thou Ante Tomic?

Speaking of Ante Tomic, a Turkish basketball analyst had this to say about him yesterday.


Utah Jazz, rights he thought to bring the team this summer, Ante Tomic.

Is this the year Ante Tomic comes to Utah?

Is this the year Google Translate becomes coherent?

It's here!



I know a few of us writers from SLCDunk will be there.  Who else will be attendance?  If you are there don't forget to say hi otherwise we cannot prove that you were there.  Be sure to bring tons of gatorade, guys, because the thirst is straight up real out there.  Hopefully, you're worthy of this great scrimmage.

We here, at SLCDunk, will also be covering the Vegas Summer League.  There should be lots of excellent content throughout the weekend and into next week about the exciting new additions to the Utah Jazz.